Fiona 72 Months

August 14, 2015

I feel like I blinked and a year went by. This year has been unbelievably busy, so busy (for me), that I didn’t have time to write your 66 month letter, so this one will be extra long.


5 was such a big year for you; kindergarten, traveling (a new state!), learning, growing, loss, a new pet, new interests, new friends, etc. Truth be told it was also a hard year for you. You had a lot of big emotions and had a hard time dealing with them. Year 5 we saw some epic tantrums. You also had a really hard time adjusting to school. We thought you would love it, but the school had a hard time challenging you and keeping you interested. It was hard for you, you were miserable and bored.


Eventually school got more challenging and you eventually started to love going so that you could see your friends (but keeping you challenged in the classroom was a year long problem. One we are hoping to fix with changing schools this year). We also discovered you have some anxiety issues when things change or when new things happen. I think it has gotten a lot easier now that mommy and daddy are figuring out how to deal with your emotions.


Don’t think that you spent your entire 5th year miserable, you didn’t. You are still an awesome little kid. You are a happy, goofy, fun loving kid.


You discovered some new interests, and started cooking classes and recently voice lessons (I will get back to voice lessons in a moment). You don’t love cooking as much as your brother, but you did like going to class and would even occasionally try the food you made.


You still love to dress up and have you own very unique sense of style. You hate pants, absolutely hate them. You are willing to wear leggings… under a skirt only. You only like dresses and skirts, the fancier the better (you like fancy things so much, you were fancy Nancy for Halloween). You still wear crazy headbands, and your teachers all quickly learned that about you.  Although as I look through the photos that I’ve added you are mostly wearing tiaras, you really like tiaras, but you wore plenty of other ones!


One of the hardest things you did this year was say goodbye to Pico. He was always there, we got him before you were born, so you grew up with a Pico always there. At the end of last year he got sick, we aren’t sure exactly what happened (we suspect after recent events – Both Tibi and Dax being bitten by a rattle snake – that perhaps Pico was bitten as well). One day he was fine, and then the next he started having problems and he deteriorated quickly. He only lived about a month after he started having problems. You seemed to take it okay at first, but there moments when you would just start crying that you missed him. Death is never an easy lesson, and at 5 its hard to understand.


We have since gotten another dog. And you have had all kinds of adventures with having a puppy. This time instead of you growing up (as a baby) with a dog, the dog grew up with you. He was only 3 months old when we got him and he has wreaked all kinds of puppy havoc. Like eating your shoes,! Seriously, I think I bought you a new pair of shoes every week for a month. And by the way, shoe shopping with you is exhausting! You have very strong opinions on shoes. Even though he eats your shoes, you love him and snuggle him every chance you get.


But the queen of dog snuggles is still Tibi. Tibi adores you, and you adore her. You too are often curled up together on the couch, either you using her as a pillow or her using you as one.


We discovered one cold winter day that you and Tibi even wear the same size, at least shirt wise. Which of course led to you putting clothes on her. I don’t think Tibi minded one bit.


You and Tibi have a special bond. Tibi and I have talked and I explained to her that she needs to stick around a long time, who else would take care of you when you are sick? You help feed the dogs, and you help walk the dogs. You are such a big helper with them. They know it,and love you for it.


You love going to the theater, especially going to see musicals. We saw soooo many musicals this year; Frog and Toad, 3 little pigs, Beauty and the Beast, and Annie. Seeing Annie actually got you interested in taking voice lessons. Over the summer we signed you up for classes and it took about a month for you to get used to your teacher, once you did you really opened up in class and are having a lot of fun. Im pretty sure the teacher wondered why I was making you take voice lessons because you seemed miserable. And then 1 day a switch flipped and you ran into class and started singing, your teacher was so happy when you finally started participating. Now you teach her new songs each week; songs from Annie, Wizard of Oz, pop music, and ones that you make up (those are your teachers favorite).


Not only do you like to sing, buy you like to make music as well. Those songs you make up? They need musical accompaniment. I have found you strumming the pink guitar that your daddy got you while singing some made up song. Its adorable. One time you had me write down the lyrics while you sang, so that you could fine tune them. I felt like I was getting a glimpse into the future. A brief glimpse of who you might be someday.


You love to read, preferably on your terms. But your an avid reader, and read way above grade level. Most of the things you do at school are above grade level, hence the difficulty in keeping you challenged. When we worked on stuff at home you loved it, and your face lights up when you discover something new.



You are a very active kid, and a fabulous runner. Your intimidated by team sports, but running with mommy isn’t a team activity. Its you, me, and some music. And in the case of the Diva 5k; you, me, music, and a whole lot of pink!


It was the largest race you have ever participated in (largest people wise, not distance). There were thousands of people, and for the first time, quite a lot of girls. There were alot of mothers and daughters running together. You held my hand and we ran/walked and sang for 3.5 miles. You crossed that finish line with a tutu, tiara, boa and a smile on your face. You have been asking since the race if we can do it again.


You also discovered jump roping. The jump rope for heart event came to your school and you practiced your little heart out. You got really good at it too. Its another solo activity so you did great at it.


Another activity you love is swimming. You were able to ditch your floaties last year and learned how to swim. This year your confidence has grown so much in the water. I am still obviously at the pool with you but I’m often not near you and sometimes I don’t even get in. I make sure I can see you but otherwise you are off doing your own thing. Mommy was a swimmer growing up, so I love watching you. You love pretending your a mermaid and flip around in the water.


You became a little more adventurous this year. Nothing crazy, your not going to go riding that motorcycle your self or anything. But you willing to sit on it, and let someone push you.


Or preferably let someone else do the driving entirely. Your cautiously adventurous.


For example you love to ride on your dad’s motorcycle, as long as he doesn’t go above 35 mph or go more then a couple of miles. You like excitement in very small, safe doses. At least I will never have to worry about trying to jump off of buildings to test some contraption you built… I might have to worry about you convincing your brother to do the testing…

You, of course, would run a ll of the numbers to make sure it was safe. Because you are an amazing big sister. You hold your brothers hand, you help him with his work books, you play with him, you hug him when he is sad. Don’t get me wrong you also fight, bicker and slam doors in each others faces. But for the most part you are an amazing sister. You cheer your brother on (especially when it is something your too cautious to do), but you will celebrate his braveness and cheer for him.


As you guys get older it is so much easier to do things together. Neither you or your brother are babies any more. You help more around the house, you whine less when we do stuff (note, I said whine LESS, you still whine. Your hungry, your tired, the world is going to end. But I figure I’m going to have to deal with that for at least the next 10 years), as a result we do more stuff.

This was easily the busiest summer ever for you. We did soooo much; kayaking, swimming, schlitterbahn, go to musicals, hike, have picnics, go on a safari and feed zebras, go to two other states, etc. And this was all before your birthday half way through summer! It is nice to be able to get out and do things with you (you may not always like it the first time, especially since you get so anxious when ever we do something new).


You graduated kindergarten. Amazingly enough you were in class with your two best friends. I say amazingly, because there were 8 kindergarten classes at the school you went to, but somehow ended up with your two best friends. Kindergarten was made easier with your bestie there. You are fiercely loyal to your friends. I can see recreating this photo in about 12 years.


When asked what you want to be when you grow up you often change your mind; doctor, teacher, or princess. Which is why you always wear your tiara. You are always ready to become a princess. Your daddy and I have explained that yes there are princesses in real life, but they have to be really smart, because they help manage and direct countries. If you whine about homework we tell you that princesses have to study hard. Occasionally that actually works to get you to do your homework…occasionally. 

You are much more of a goofball then your brother. You play pretend and drag him along for the ride. He is starting to have his own opinions on what happens but for the most part he will play along.


I adore you kid, you may drive me nuts, but I love you. Your growing up into an awesome little person. The next year will be an adventure, new school, new friends, new accomplishments. I look forward to experiencing them with you and helping you to stretch your wings a little more.



Lincoln 42 months

March 17, 2015

Stop it! Stop growing so fast! I feel like I have blinked and you have turned into a kid. A opinionated, fun loving, fairly serious kid. And you have grown and changed so much over the last 6 months. Your interests have changed, but your temperament is still the same (thank goodness!). Your willing to try new things (mostly) and have no problem experiencing things on your own.


There was two life changing events for you in the last 6 months that have changed your interests and shaped who you are right now; your first cooking class and going to the space center.

Fiona took the occasional cooking class, and at the beginning of the school year we decided to re-enroll her for a session, and since you were 3 (the minimum age) we decided to sign you up too. To put it mildly you loved it!


It probably helped that you were the only one in the “mommy and me” class. So you got one on one instruction from a fabulous teacher that you adored. You happily tried new foods, and developed a love affair with avocado. We never kept avocado in the house because Pico was allergic to them, we now have several at all times. Avocado on your quinoa salad, yes please. Scrambled eggs topped with avocado = yum. “Space” sandwiches are not complete without avocado. You shovel guacamole in to your mouth by the chip full. You will happily eat it on things or by itself.

Cooking class didn’t just introduce you to avocado, you tried so many new foods; pimentos, quinoa, peppers, hummus, etc. If Miss Shae put it in front of you, you tried it. You have become a little foodie.

Its not just at cooking class that you love to cook. If I mention that I need to cook dinner, or make cookies, or do anything in the kitchen, you are running for your stool to help. For Christmas we got you your own set of knives and potholders and you were thrilled. You try to convince me when we are at the store that you need more cooking supplies too. I love how much you love to cook. I love that you are willing to try new foods, and that most of the time you love them. You eat foods that most grownups don’t eat, and you will happily tell people that you made it.


In October Daddy had to go to Houston for a conference, and since we had recently watched an early morning eclipse that you and your sister were both intrigued by, I decided to tag along and take you guys to the space center.


I had no idea when I took you that it would have such an influence on you. We got there right when it opened and were there almost until they closed. You wanted to see everything. You climbed on things, pushed buttons, watched space shuttles launch, and even sat patiently on the tram ride learning all about the history of the space program. You and your sister both amazed me with how well you did. We came home and you wanted anything and everything space. We have a large stack of space books, and some of your favorites are more text books versus story books. It drives your dad nuts when you ask to read a space science text book for a bed time story. You also love space songs, who knew there were that many! You go to bed happily wearing your space pj’s, snuggled up with your stuffed space shuttle, under your space blanket, listening to space stories, looking up at your Saturn poster. Currently you want to be an astronaut when you grow up.

You have favorite planets; mercury (because its the smallest) and Jupiter (because its the biggest). You love watching space video’s and eating “space” food. We watched a video of an astronaut making a sandwich in space, where he used a tortilla (because bread leaves crumbs), and thats what you ask for, along with freeze dried fruit.


You love learning not just about space, but about everything. After a parent/teacher conference with your teacher we started working with you on letters and writing. You happily do your “homework” along with Fiona. You teacher moved you up to the 4’s group (and we have talked to the principal about starting you in kindergarten early as well!), so we try to work with you at home.


You are making your way through your pre-k workbooks so that you are prepared for next year. You love the patterns, and the “game” pages. The ones where you think its fun, but really you are learning. The workbooks are sneaky that way. You were so excited the day we got your workbooks that you came home and did 11 pages in a row! You get to excited when you accomplish something new. You cheer for yourself when you complete a circle or a shape “oh yeah!”


You play so much more now, and your imagination astounds me. You build elaborate block towers and tell me all the things it can do; this is the part that shoots things, and this is where the wheels go so that is can move, etc. You showed no interest in legos or blocks until fairly recently and now you shut yourself in your room building things.


You also play with your sister. While your daddy and I sleep in or work we hear the shenanigans you two are up to. You guys play school, cooking class, princesses, construction workers, etc. You battle monsters, some times you are monsters, you explore space with your robot pal, ride your blastboards (those last two are mostly thanks to a new tv show that you and your sister are obsessed with;’ Miles from Tomorrowland), and pretend to be animals.

For Halloween you chose your own costume. I was trying to convince you to be a robot, but you heard your sister talking about being a ghost and that is what you wanted to be. You changed your mind once to a kitty, but it was quickly back to a ghost. You had so much fun running around yelling “boo!”.


Sadly a few months ago we had to say good bye to Pico (a dog that has been around longer then you). We told you that he passed away and you seemed fine with it. Fiona took it hard and would randomly cry, but you seemed fine. That was because apparently you didn’t really understand what had happened. We told you that Pico had died at the vets, and I guess you just assumed he was still there. When we went to the vets to pick up the paw print they had painted, and as we left you stopped and asked “where Pico? We can’t leave without Pico”. It broke my heart to realize that you thought he had been at the vets all this time. You stood there and cried when I tried to explain that he wasn’t ever coming home.

A month and a half later we decided to get a new pup, so we adopted Dax. You adore Dax, and Dax can often be found sleeping with you. I look forward to watching you grow up with Dax.


You are full of personality and you have your own style. You normally like to pick out your own clothes (which if you have anything to say about it, it is usually a space t-shirt) and are often found with accessories; hats, scarves, mittens, ties, etc.

We saw Paddington Bear a few weeks ago and you loved it. The part that made the biggest impression; that Paddington kept a sandwich in his hat for emergencies. Lately you started keeping things in your hats too (luckily not sandwiches!), often times I will find cars and other small toys tucked up in your hat.


You are super chatty, I guess to keep up with your sister you have to be. Your also really supportive and cheer people on. Those two are related… you often tell me things are “awesome!”, or if someone does something cool you usually say “that is crazy!”. Crazy for you is good. You also crack me up when people tell you thank you, instead of the usual “your welcome” it is usually ” no problem!” or “it was nothing”. You describe things as adorable and sweet, which is adorable and sweet. You started saying recently is “oh craters!”. When I ask you to do something you don’t want, or you do something you didn’t mean to (drop something, break something, etc.) you respond with “oh craters!” (that is also thanks to Miles from Tomorrow land). You used to say “oh gosh!”. I think both are equally adorable.

Not surprisingly you have been really busy growing the last 6 month, like REALLY busy growing. We moved you up to a big “big boy” bed. You no longer fit in your toddler bed, so we moved you up to a full. Hopefully you will fit in that for awhile 🙂 You had a lot of fun picking out your bed and your bedding (space of course).

Unofficially (meaning I measured you myself) you are 42 inches tall! Which oddly is an inch for every month old you are. Lets not keep that up, otherwise you will be a giant when you reach kindergarten. When I tell you to stop growing so fast you tell me “no, I’m going to be as tall as the sky!”. And you weigh 36 lbs. You are really leaning out. Even your adorable chubby cheeks are slimming down.


Happy 42 months kiddo, before I know it you will be 4, and doing so much more!

Lincoln 36 months

March 2, 2015

This update is a wee bit late (like 6 months late), so I will do my best to update just on what you were doing up until you turned 3. Which I still can’t believe that you are 3. You have grown so much and are much less of a toddler and more of a kid. The last 6 months brought big changes; you talk more, you do more, you traveled more, and your potty trained! The last one might be my favorite. As of your 3rd birthday you are fully potty trained, and it is awesome. Yes you still have accidents but they are getting better.


Not long after you turned 2 1/2 we packed our bags (by the way you packed your bags often over the next 6 months – you are such a great traveler! You only recently stopped falling asleep on planes. Our trip right before your birthday was the first flight that you were on that you didn’t fall asleep. Part of me was a little sad about that) and headed to Disneyland!


You thought Disneyland was awesome! I realize the picture doesn’t show just how excited you were, that was taken while you had to sit out a ride because you weren’t big enough. And you were NOT happy about that. You would have happily gone on every single ride if you could have. Your sister was a bit more cautious, not you! We rode the Mater ride 3 times in a row and you wanted to get right back on.


You got to meet the cars, and they talked to you (what???!!? Talking cars? You were a little weirded out by that).


You ran around, you drove the cars (Papa says you a re a terrible driver, its a good thing you have 13 years before your behind the wheel of a real car), you met characters, you got toys, you ate mickey shaped snacks and you loved every minute of it. You still napped (oh those were the days!), and would pass out exhausted either in my arms (I held you for 2 hours one day while waiting in line to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen while you snoozed) or in the stroller. And when you woke up you were ready to go some more. We had to call it quits every night by 7 because you and your sister were so tired from all of the fun. Maybe next time we go we can watch the fireworks from some where other then our hotel room.

After Disneyland we headed to Northern CA, to go play at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had a fun day exploring San Francisco.  You loved the aquarium (you had so much fun playing in the touch tanks I had to buy you a new shirt, because you managed to soak yourself!), and loved playing at the beach afterwards. We need to go to the beach more. We are rather land locked in Austin and all of us love the beach.


Holidays are so much fun now that your a little older. You so much more into everything. At Easter we had 3 egg hunts  (when the easter bunny hid eggs at our house, a neighborhood hunt, and ones that our fabulous neighbors did for you) and you loved them all. You and Fiona practiced for weeks. She showed you how to find the eggs, and it kept the two of you entertained for hours. You are still so excited about everything, and love any and all gifts that you get. Even when the easter bunny gives you a book you are excited about it 🙂


You still love being a daredevil. And sometimes when Fiona was at school you and I would go hangout at the skatepark together. Your not brave enough to ride standing up, but you love going down on the ramps on your knees. We found a little skatepark in Budda that is pretty much empty during the day so you would have the whole place to your self to ride your skateboard and Fiona’s old scooter.


Since you love things with wheels so much we decided to get you your first bike. It took a few tries but you got good pretty quickly. You are not that fast yet, but that will improve. I think you still like the scooter best, but you seem to like all things with wheels.


Speaking of things you love, you love all things water; water slides ( you experienced your first at the Disneyland Hotel), pools, sprinklers, etc. If it involves water then you are all about it.


You became a little fish over the summer. You still need your floaties (although you ditched them at the end of the summer. You couldn’t get very far without them, but you were determined to try. I bet this summer you will be able to swim without them). Much of our summer was spent at water parks and the pool. Which was just fine by you. Your dare deviledness carried over to the pool and you would happily jump in with no fear. And you take after mommy; you tan. But the time summer was over you were fabulously brown with a white little tushy.


We also packed our bags again and headed north to Oklahoma (yay! a new state to cross off your list!). We went with Mommies friend Kim and her kids; Sofia and Foster. This is also when you decided to potty train your self. The day before we left you started using the potty! We had a lot of fun playing in Oklahoma, we stayed with family of Kim’s that have a pool, so of course you guys wanted to swim every day 🙂 We also went go kart racing (you loved it! your sister did not), and you tried to climb a rock wall. You had trouble with the rock wall, you weren’t heavy enough to counter the weight of the rope so when you let go you just hung there (truth be told, you STILL aren’t heavy enough).


You had so much fun dancing in Fiona’s dance class that we decided to enroll you in one over the summer. It was a superhero dance class and you LOVED it. Seriously you adored that class. You got to learn moves like spiderman and batman.


Not only were you into dance, you started loving music. We bought you a pair of “big boy” headphones (without the volume limiter. The limiter made the headphones worthless on planes, and since we travel alot, you needed headphones that you could watch movies with and jam to your songs with). You still love the batman song, and all things frozen, but you also love listening to the storybots and the soundtrack from planes and turbo.


At the end of summer we packed our bags again (I did say you did that alot the last 6 months!) and this time we headed to New Jersey (another new state!). Mommy and daddy were leaving you for the first time and you were staying with the Heisers in New Jersey. It was a little chaotic since they were in the middle of a move but you guys still had a lot of fun. You adore the Heiser boys (they introduced you to soccer those many months ago. A sport that you still love and play every week).  You did fabulous without Mommy and Daddy, I was both proud and sad. It was the first time we had ever left you overnight. You took it in stride and saw it as an adventure. The Heisers also finished potty training you. So it was a REALLY big trip for you; a new state (you are up to 12!), first time without mommy and daddy, and potty trained.


Another really big life event for you; you started pre-school!!! You took it far better then I did. You ran off to class with your backpack and lunch box with barely a look back. Sigh, I can’t believe you started preschool. You started out going 3 days a week, and you came home talking about playing trucks and diggers with your friends.


For your birthday you wanted a bumblebee boy party. You are really into Bumblebee boy. Superhero of all kinds, but really into bumblebee boy. You *might* have worn your bumblebee boy costume when we traveled to New Jersey. Everyone at the airport *might* have thought you were adorable. I think you love Bumblebee boy for the same reason your sister loves Ladybug girl. He is a superhero that you can relate to and copy. Batman is awesome, but you can’t really fly and save the day. You can however battle monsters and aliens, or chase bank robbers.


You sweet boy are tall. Like off the growth charts tall. You are 40.5 inches tall! They estimate you being almost 6’8″ by the time your done growing. I hope for the sake of clothes and shoe shopping that you aren’t that tall, but your dad is rooting for an NBA star in the family.


I adore you. Your sweet, and caring. Your uncomplex (this is mostly a plus because your sister is exhaustively complex). You go with the flow (most of the time), and are eager to try new things. And you do everything with enthusiasm. Happy (belated) birthday little boy!

Little Miss Claire

March 22, 2013

You know the baby shower I posted the other day, well here is the baby just a few days after she made her big entrance.



I was so happy that she waited until after we got back from vacation to make her appearance, so I got to see her the day after she was born.


I spent most of my visit snuggling this gorgeous little girl and chatting with the very tired parents of now two kids; one toddler and a newborn.


The newborn phase passes so quick in a blur of sleeplessness. After my visit I headed home to my 15 month old and thought “good god, your huge! What happened to my baby??”. I miss the newborn days, the milky smell of their little heads, the softness of their fluffy hair.



So glad my friends are having babies so that I can snuggle them and then go home to my kids who tell me “They love me this much (arms stretched as wide as they can reach)”. I may love the newborn phase, but that doesn’t mean I want to live through it again!

Welcome little Miss Claire! Welcome to a family that loves you, and to friends of that family who might snuggle you and squeeze your cheeks occasionally.


Moving on up

March 8, 2013

I know I have been quiet for a few weeks, but I have a very good reason. Two weeks ago I showed up on site for a client, opened up my laptop to turn it on… and nothing happened. Luckily my client had a laptop for me to use, but I was worried about my “baby”. My husband and I had been talking about upgrading my laptop for awhile, but I had been putting it off. My laptop had been with me for 4 years (I know, I know, in computer age that is ancient), went with me to 5 states and 2 countries. I was emotionally invested in my laptop, and even thinking of buying a new computer felt like cheating on it. But my laptop made the decision for me, and the hard drive was kaput. 

Luckily I back up most of my work to the cloud and back everything else up once a month or so. Which meant that I could jump right back into work with a loaner laptop until I could get my laptop situation remedied. Unfortunately the only thing I hadn’t backed up to my back-up drive recently was all my photos that were in progress of being edited. So my laptop is off for a data transfer, and fingers crossed I remembered to back up lightroom recently. I pick up my laptop today, so I will find out whether I will be starting all over in lightroom (so far my user presets aren’t accessible) or if I can pick up where I left up. 

So it will probably be a little while before I start posting photos again. But once I am back up and running (and once I learn this pesky new operating system) I promise I will have lots and lots of photos.

Our flight home was in the afternoon, so we headed up early to spend our last morning in California  in San Francisco. We drove up to the golden gate bridge. Fiona was really excited because she has a book about California and it has the golden gate bridge in it. So the entire time she kept saying “its the orange bridge, just like in my book!”

I bundled up the kids, I had to borrow a sweater for Lincoln. I had none in his size since it was summer. And unlike summer in California, summer in Texas does not need a sweater. Luckily Lincoln is big for his age and was able to fit into a sweater that a friends son had recently outgrown.

Fiona had a lot of fun playing and goofing off. She was also being an excellent big sister and helped me push Lincolns stroller around.

Poor Lincoln was miserably sick. He had been running a fever of 103 for 2 days (and he ran it for several more days after we got home). He was a trooper though, he didn’t really fuss but he did nap alot. Every time we got in the car to go somewhere he would sleep. He even slept as Fiona and I pushed his stroller around San Francisco.

We walked out on to the bridge to just over the water. Fiona wanted to keep walking but it was freezing out over the water, and Lincoln was sick so I didn’t want him to get too cold.

But Fiona loved being on the bridge. We pointed out the boats, and we even saw a lone dolphin swimming below us. She watched it for awhile playing in the waves.

I was trying to get Fiona to pose for a photo, which is something she just doesn’t do. I guess when you often have a camera in your face you learn to ignore it, which suits my style of photography. But every once in awhile I would love it if she looked at the camera and smiled. Most of the time when I get a smiling photo its because I sat there with my camera waiting for the moment to take the photo. So we were looking at the bridge and she had stolen my headband to keep the hair out of her face with the wind. And when I asked her to look at me so that I could take a photo she kept covering her eyes and saying it was too bright. So then she stole my sunglasses (after all the were perched on top of my head not being used…) and agreed to at least not cover her face for the photo. You will notice that she is still not looking at me… but I’ll take it!

This is my favorite photo of Fiona from our trip. Its just so Fiona. She is a spunky little 3 year old full of sass.

Pier 39 and the sea lions, I figured since we were in San Francisco we might as well do the touristy thing and go to pier 39. We ate clam chowder (well I ate clam chowder, Fiona had tomato soup and Lincoln had apple sauce), rode the carousel, watched the sea lions and stopped at the candy store. Even picked up a souvenir  snow globe (which Fiona sadly broke at the airport even though she was REALLY careful). We were as touristy as we could get, and the kids loved it.

I’m not sure if it was the wrong time of day, or the wrong season but there wasn’t that many sea lions at the pier. Maybe a third of what is normally there. But the kids still enjoyed watching them. Fiona still talks constantly about our trip to California and about the things we did and the paces we went. We will be heading back out to California in about 5 weeks (well I will be heading out there in 3 weeks, but then we are all heading back out in 5 weeks). Fiona is at a great age that she loves to travel and experience new things, and for the most part she is a great traveler. I hope that Lincoln grows to be an equally great traveler, so far he is a fabulous little traveler and rather pro for 13 months.

Lincoln 10 Months

July 16, 2012

Once again another month has sped by and your 10 months old now! This month I was home all month and to make up for me being gone I took an absurd amount of photos this month. I was here  to watch you grow and learn all kinds of new things. You are still not crawling, at least not in the traditional sense but you get around. You inchworm your way across the room; lay down on your belly, scoot forward,  then you push yourself back up to seated position, and you are a little closer to your goal. You go backwards much quicker, same maneuver though. You are starting to try to pull yourself up on things. I have a feeling by the time you are 11 months old you will be fully mobile. I already have to keep a much closer eye on you then before, you get yourself into all kinds of trouble.

This month was full of exciting things and milestones; new tooth, learned to clap, learned to point, met family (uncle and nieces), went swimming for the first time, had your first swim lessons, played in the sprinklers (can you tell its summer with all the water related activities?), saw fireworks (although you did fall asleep about 5 minutes into the fireworks display, I have no idea how you slept through that noise!), ate your first PB&J, created art with fingerpaints, went on your first boat ride. Whew, it was a busy month!

Summer is in full swing, and luckily it has not been as hot as last summer (thank goodness!). Temps are still in the 90’s so we have been doing plenty of water activities to stay cool. You got to play in the sprinklers for the first time and you loved it! Im not sure what you thought was funnier; the water hitting you or your sister running around like crazy.

We headed to Lake Travis with some friends to spend the day on their boat. It was one of the few 100+ degree days so we spent alot of time playing in the lake. You got to go swimming for the first time. You weren’t so sure at first, then we out you in your ring and you were a happy little guy. You laid on your belly and kicked and splashed. We have been swimming several times since and you have loved it.

You play with toys way more now. You are such a boy, you love to hit things just to see what happens. And you sometimes just sit there drumming your hands; on balls, balloons, your belly, and sometimes nothing at all. But your whole body gets into it and you drum away. You pretty much get toted along where ever I go, which means when we go to Fiona’s room to get her dressed you come too. The pirate ship is one of the few things Fiona lets you play with in her room. You like to make the parrot talk, and capsize the ship.

You still think everything is funny. You are a fabulously laid back baby, and for the most part still go with the flow. You are starting to show preferences though. For instance your favorite breakfast is banana and oatmeal with cut up blueberries. You will inhale that breakfast morning after morning. You will eat whatever I place in front of you. But there are definitely foods you like eating more. You love pretty much all fruits and veggies, but your favorite fruits are watermelon and cantaloupe  and your favorite vegetable is peas. When ever I cut up your lunch I always cut up way more fruit then I think you will eat and I am always wrong, you normally eat it all and then bang on your tray for more.

We started you in swim class this month. Its never too early to get comfortable in water especially since your part Ewing (us Ewing’s love the water!). You think swim class is a blast. Look at that grin! Im glad you love the water so much because your sister loves to swim, so we are often at the pool.

Your not saying too many words yet but you have ways of letting us know what you want. Mama and dada are often said, and we are pretty sure you call your sippy cup “baba”. You bang on your highchair tray and demand your “baba”. You clap when your happy about something (or air drum, that means your pretty excited about something too). And you point at things. You point You point at your mama, you point at toys that you want, you point at food, your sister, etc.

Each month you grow and learn more its exciting to watch, I wonder what you will learn this month? Happy 10 months Lincoln!

More Nutts

April 23, 2012

I still haven’t finished editing photos from my trip to California yet. But I am slowly making my way through them. No trip to California is complete without seeing the Nuttmans. They came down for a late afternoon playdate, and we headed over to the park.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I love those baby blues!

The fabulous Miss O is pretty cute as well. Normally she is like Fiona and impossible to take a photo of, but this time I caught her quietly playing with her brother.

Grant is such a sweetie, He plays so nicely with his big sister. I can only hope my two will be as nice and polite as the Nuttmans when they are older.

Slide hair! The Nuttmans had a lot of fun running around the playground.

Hitting the sippy cup on the walk back to the house.

It is far too long between visits back to CA for social reasons, Im glad that when Im back intown for work I can occassionally squeeze in short visits with my friends. And I am grateful that most of my friends know just how hectic my schedule normally is when I am working and put up with driving 30 minutes to go to the park for an hour.

Visting the Peacocks

April 6, 2012

On Valentines day Mark and I took Lincoln to Mayfield Park to see the peacocks while Fiona was in school. We walked the trails, looked at the koi ponds and watched the peacocks. After seeing the peacocks I knew I would be bringing Fiona back for a playdate with some friends.

A couple weeks ago that is what I did. The kids and I met some friends at the park. I took an obscene amount of photos of both the peacocks and the kids, so I will do two different posts otherwise you will be scrolling forever.

This beautiful guy met us at the gate. Isn’t he handsome? Actually I think this might be the one who blocked my way into the preserve and I had to sit in the driveway for 5 minutes before he moved and I could pull into the parking lot.

Another peacock was fanning his feathers in attempt to charm the ladies (unfortunately as you can see he recently got into a fight with a wild animal and his neck feathers aren’t looking too good. Not sure if his tail feathers were going to make up for it).

But he tried desperately to charm those ladies and strutted around with those feathers up. I don’t know about the peahens, but I was charmed.

Until he turned around that is….

They are not nearly as pretty from behind.

The peacocks have free roam of the park and are used to humans pestering them for photos.

In Orlando

March 30, 2012

Im currently working on site in beautiful sunny Orlando. Not that I have seen much of the sun, well I do have a couple of windows… Im working on TEAM Polycom, all my hardwork over the last few weeks is almost over. The exhibit opens in a couple of days and then the presentations starts, and I get to sit back (and work) and watch all my efforts put to use. I like working from home, but sometimes its nice to see what is done with my work. Sometimes I feel as if I set my work free out into the ether and have no idea what becomes of it.

Ive managed to take a lot of photos lately, so there will be new posts coming more frequently once this project is over. But meanwhile here are a few more of Lincoln from my trip to CA.

He and Lily chatted, it was very serious baby conversation. It probably went something like this:
Lily: What is your mama feeding you? Your huge!
Lincoln: Milk does a body good, especially my mama’s milk

I think Lily found his rolls endearing 🙂

Lincoln got to take baths in sinks while we were there. Our sink at home is too shallow to really bathe him, he had so much fun sitting up and splashing the water. It was a whole new view on bath time.

I still have a few more photos from CA, but I may do a peacock post next week.