I often get asked what I do? I’m currently work for my self; contracting and freelancing as a graphic designer/ marketing specialist. But my work does not define me. I have been called a punk rock Martha Stewart. I believe in having fun with life and being creative goes along with that. I am often busy in my glass studio, working on an apron anarchy project, being crafty, or wandering about with my camera. I bring creativity to every part of my life.

To commission a custom glass piece, schedule a photo shoot or request info about my graphic design work please email me at kristina@kewingcreative.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I’d like to start my own blog eventually. It was a really nice blog that you made here. Keep up the success 😛

  2. I am creating a new website about every day people and the things they are passionate about and I would love to be able to feature you and your blog for my opening of the site. The site is just like a celebrity site that post the coolest people and trends except for instead of celebrities I will be featuring all everyday people and their cool stories, funny pictures, or the special things they do and sell. If you are interested you can contact me here or at thatssofetchteen@gmail.com

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