Lincoln 42 months

March 17, 2015

Stop it! Stop growing so fast! I feel like I have blinked and you have turned into a kid. A opinionated, fun loving, fairly serious kid. And you have grown and changed so much over the last 6 months. Your interests have changed, but your temperament is still the same (thank goodness!). Your willing to try new things (mostly) and have no problem experiencing things on your own.


There was two life changing events for you in the last 6 months that have changed your interests and shaped who you are right now; your first cooking class and going to the space center.

Fiona took the occasional cooking class, and at the beginning of the school year we decided to re-enroll her for a session, and since you were 3 (the minimum age) we decided to sign you up too. To put it mildly you loved it!


It probably helped that you were the only one in the “mommy and me” class. So you got one on one instruction from a fabulous teacher that you adored. You happily tried new foods, and developed a love affair with avocado. We never kept avocado in the house because Pico was allergic to them, we now have several at all times. Avocado on your quinoa salad, yes please. Scrambled eggs topped with avocado = yum. “Space” sandwiches are not complete without avocado. You shovel guacamole in to your mouth by the chip full. You will happily eat it on things or by itself.

Cooking class didn’t just introduce you to avocado, you tried so many new foods; pimentos, quinoa, peppers, hummus, etc. If Miss Shae put it in front of you, you tried it. You have become a little foodie.

Its not just at cooking class that you love to cook. If I mention that I need to cook dinner, or make cookies, or do anything in the kitchen, you are running for your stool to help. For Christmas we got you your own set of knives and potholders and you were thrilled. You try to convince me when we are at the store that you need more cooking supplies too. I love how much you love to cook. I love that you are willing to try new foods, and that most of the time you love them. You eat foods that most grownups don’t eat, and you will happily tell people that you made it.


In October Daddy had to go to Houston for a conference, and since we had recently watched an early morning eclipse that you and your sister were both intrigued by, I decided to tag along and take you guys to the space center.


I had no idea when I took you that it would have such an influence on you. We got there right when it opened and were there almost until they closed. You wanted to see everything. You climbed on things, pushed buttons, watched space shuttles launch, and even sat patiently on the tram ride learning all about the history of the space program. You and your sister both amazed me with how well you did. We came home and you wanted anything and everything space. We have a large stack of space books, and some of your favorites are more text books versus story books. It drives your dad nuts when you ask to read a space science text book for a bed time story. You also love space songs, who knew there were that many! You go to bed happily wearing your space pj’s, snuggled up with your stuffed space shuttle, under your space blanket, listening to space stories, looking up at your Saturn poster. Currently you want to be an astronaut when you grow up.

You have favorite planets; mercury (because its the smallest) and Jupiter (because its the biggest). You love watching space video’s and eating “space” food. We watched a video of an astronaut making a sandwich in space, where he used a tortilla (because bread leaves crumbs), and thats what you ask for, along with freeze dried fruit.


You love learning not just about space, but about everything. After a parent/teacher conference with your teacher we started working with you on letters and writing. You happily do your “homework” along with Fiona. You teacher moved you up to the 4’s group (and we have talked to the principal about starting you in kindergarten early as well!), so we try to work with you at home.


You are making your way through your pre-k workbooks so that you are prepared for next year. You love the patterns, and the “game” pages. The ones where you think its fun, but really you are learning. The workbooks are sneaky that way. You were so excited the day we got your workbooks that you came home and did 11 pages in a row! You get to excited when you accomplish something new. You cheer for yourself when you complete a circle or a shape “oh yeah!”


You play so much more now, and your imagination astounds me. You build elaborate block towers and tell me all the things it can do; this is the part that shoots things, and this is where the wheels go so that is can move, etc. You showed no interest in legos or blocks until fairly recently and now you shut yourself in your room building things.


You also play with your sister. While your daddy and I sleep in or work we hear the shenanigans you two are up to. You guys play school, cooking class, princesses, construction workers, etc. You battle monsters, some times you are monsters, you explore space with your robot pal, ride your blastboards (those last two are mostly thanks to a new tv show that you and your sister are obsessed with;’ Miles from Tomorrowland), and pretend to be animals.

For Halloween you chose your own costume. I was trying to convince you to be a robot, but you heard your sister talking about being a ghost and that is what you wanted to be. You changed your mind once to a kitty, but it was quickly back to a ghost. You had so much fun running around yelling “boo!”.


Sadly a few months ago we had to say good bye to Pico (a dog that has been around longer then you). We told you that he passed away and you seemed fine with it. Fiona took it hard and would randomly cry, but you seemed fine. That was because apparently you didn’t really understand what had happened. We told you that Pico had died at the vets, and I guess you just assumed he was still there. When we went to the vets to pick up the paw print they had painted, and as we left you stopped and asked “where Pico? We can’t leave without Pico”. It broke my heart to realize that you thought he had been at the vets all this time. You stood there and cried when I tried to explain that he wasn’t ever coming home.

A month and a half later we decided to get a new pup, so we adopted Dax. You adore Dax, and Dax can often be found sleeping with you. I look forward to watching you grow up with Dax.


You are full of personality and you have your own style. You normally like to pick out your own clothes (which if you have anything to say about it, it is usually a space t-shirt) and are often found with accessories; hats, scarves, mittens, ties, etc.

We saw Paddington Bear a few weeks ago and you loved it. The part that made the biggest impression; that Paddington kept a sandwich in his hat for emergencies. Lately you started keeping things in your hats too (luckily not sandwiches!), often times I will find cars and other small toys tucked up in your hat.


You are super chatty, I guess to keep up with your sister you have to be. Your also really supportive and cheer people on. Those two are related… you often tell me things are “awesome!”, or if someone does something cool you usually say “that is crazy!”. Crazy for you is good. You also crack me up when people tell you thank you, instead of the usual “your welcome” it is usually ” no problem!” or “it was nothing”. You describe things as adorable and sweet, which is adorable and sweet. You started saying recently is “oh craters!”. When I ask you to do something you don’t want, or you do something you didn’t mean to (drop something, break something, etc.) you respond with “oh craters!” (that is also thanks to Miles from Tomorrow land). You used to say “oh gosh!”. I think both are equally adorable.

Not surprisingly you have been really busy growing the last 6 month, like REALLY busy growing. We moved you up to a big “big boy” bed. You no longer fit in your toddler bed, so we moved you up to a full. Hopefully you will fit in that for awhile 🙂 You had a lot of fun picking out your bed and your bedding (space of course).

Unofficially (meaning I measured you myself) you are 42 inches tall! Which oddly is an inch for every month old you are. Lets not keep that up, otherwise you will be a giant when you reach kindergarten. When I tell you to stop growing so fast you tell me “no, I’m going to be as tall as the sky!”. And you weigh 36 lbs. You are really leaning out. Even your adorable chubby cheeks are slimming down.


Happy 42 months kiddo, before I know it you will be 4, and doing so much more!


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