Lincoln 36 months

March 2, 2015

This update is a wee bit late (like 6 months late), so I will do my best to update just on what you were doing up until you turned 3. Which I still can’t believe that you are 3. You have grown so much and are much less of a toddler and more of a kid. The last 6 months brought big changes; you talk more, you do more, you traveled more, and your potty trained! The last one might be my favorite. As of your 3rd birthday you are fully potty trained, and it is awesome. Yes you still have accidents but they are getting better.


Not long after you turned 2 1/2 we packed our bags (by the way you packed your bags often over the next 6 months – you are such a great traveler! You only recently stopped falling asleep on planes. Our trip right before your birthday was the first flight that you were on that you didn’t fall asleep. Part of me was a little sad about that) and headed to Disneyland!


You thought Disneyland was awesome! I realize the picture doesn’t show just how excited you were, that was taken while you had to sit out a ride because you weren’t big enough. And you were NOT happy about that. You would have happily gone on every single ride if you could have. Your sister was a bit more cautious, not you! We rode the Mater ride 3 times in a row and you wanted to get right back on.


You got to meet the cars, and they talked to you (what???!!? Talking cars? You were a little weirded out by that).


You ran around, you drove the cars (Papa says you a re a terrible driver, its a good thing you have 13 years before your behind the wheel of a real car), you met characters, you got toys, you ate mickey shaped snacks and you loved every minute of it. You still napped (oh those were the days!), and would pass out exhausted either in my arms (I held you for 2 hours one day while waiting in line to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen while you snoozed) or in the stroller. And when you woke up you were ready to go some more. We had to call it quits every night by 7 because you and your sister were so tired from all of the fun. Maybe next time we go we can watch the fireworks from some where other then our hotel room.

After Disneyland we headed to Northern CA, to go play at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and had a fun day exploring San Francisco.  You loved the aquarium (you had so much fun playing in the touch tanks I had to buy you a new shirt, because you managed to soak yourself!), and loved playing at the beach afterwards. We need to go to the beach more. We are rather land locked in Austin and all of us love the beach.


Holidays are so much fun now that your a little older. You so much more into everything. At Easter we had 3 egg hunts  (when the easter bunny hid eggs at our house, a neighborhood hunt, and ones that our fabulous neighbors did for you) and you loved them all. You and Fiona practiced for weeks. She showed you how to find the eggs, and it kept the two of you entertained for hours. You are still so excited about everything, and love any and all gifts that you get. Even when the easter bunny gives you a book you are excited about it 🙂


You still love being a daredevil. And sometimes when Fiona was at school you and I would go hangout at the skatepark together. Your not brave enough to ride standing up, but you love going down on the ramps on your knees. We found a little skatepark in Budda that is pretty much empty during the day so you would have the whole place to your self to ride your skateboard and Fiona’s old scooter.


Since you love things with wheels so much we decided to get you your first bike. It took a few tries but you got good pretty quickly. You are not that fast yet, but that will improve. I think you still like the scooter best, but you seem to like all things with wheels.


Speaking of things you love, you love all things water; water slides ( you experienced your first at the Disneyland Hotel), pools, sprinklers, etc. If it involves water then you are all about it.


You became a little fish over the summer. You still need your floaties (although you ditched them at the end of the summer. You couldn’t get very far without them, but you were determined to try. I bet this summer you will be able to swim without them). Much of our summer was spent at water parks and the pool. Which was just fine by you. Your dare deviledness carried over to the pool and you would happily jump in with no fear. And you take after mommy; you tan. But the time summer was over you were fabulously brown with a white little tushy.


We also packed our bags again and headed north to Oklahoma (yay! a new state to cross off your list!). We went with Mommies friend Kim and her kids; Sofia and Foster. This is also when you decided to potty train your self. The day before we left you started using the potty! We had a lot of fun playing in Oklahoma, we stayed with family of Kim’s that have a pool, so of course you guys wanted to swim every day 🙂 We also went go kart racing (you loved it! your sister did not), and you tried to climb a rock wall. You had trouble with the rock wall, you weren’t heavy enough to counter the weight of the rope so when you let go you just hung there (truth be told, you STILL aren’t heavy enough).


You had so much fun dancing in Fiona’s dance class that we decided to enroll you in one over the summer. It was a superhero dance class and you LOVED it. Seriously you adored that class. You got to learn moves like spiderman and batman.


Not only were you into dance, you started loving music. We bought you a pair of “big boy” headphones (without the volume limiter. The limiter made the headphones worthless on planes, and since we travel alot, you needed headphones that you could watch movies with and jam to your songs with). You still love the batman song, and all things frozen, but you also love listening to the storybots and the soundtrack from planes and turbo.


At the end of summer we packed our bags again (I did say you did that alot the last 6 months!) and this time we headed to New Jersey (another new state!). Mommy and daddy were leaving you for the first time and you were staying with the Heisers in New Jersey. It was a little chaotic since they were in the middle of a move but you guys still had a lot of fun. You adore the Heiser boys (they introduced you to soccer those many months ago. A sport that you still love and play every week).  You did fabulous without Mommy and Daddy, I was both proud and sad. It was the first time we had ever left you overnight. You took it in stride and saw it as an adventure. The Heisers also finished potty training you. So it was a REALLY big trip for you; a new state (you are up to 12!), first time without mommy and daddy, and potty trained.


Another really big life event for you; you started pre-school!!! You took it far better then I did. You ran off to class with your backpack and lunch box with barely a look back. Sigh, I can’t believe you started preschool. You started out going 3 days a week, and you came home talking about playing trucks and diggers with your friends.


For your birthday you wanted a bumblebee boy party. You are really into Bumblebee boy. Superhero of all kinds, but really into bumblebee boy. You *might* have worn your bumblebee boy costume when we traveled to New Jersey. Everyone at the airport *might* have thought you were adorable. I think you love Bumblebee boy for the same reason your sister loves Ladybug girl. He is a superhero that you can relate to and copy. Batman is awesome, but you can’t really fly and save the day. You can however battle monsters and aliens, or chase bank robbers.


You sweet boy are tall. Like off the growth charts tall. You are 40.5 inches tall! They estimate you being almost 6’8″ by the time your done growing. I hope for the sake of clothes and shoe shopping that you aren’t that tall, but your dad is rooting for an NBA star in the family.


I adore you. Your sweet, and caring. Your uncomplex (this is mostly a plus because your sister is exhaustively complex). You go with the flow (most of the time), and are eager to try new things. And you do everything with enthusiasm. Happy (belated) birthday little boy!


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