Fiona – 60 months

July 31, 2014

Fiona your five. Five! In a few short weeks you will be starting kindergarten and a whole life independent of us will begin. Your ready for it. Im not sure I am… but you little bird are ready to fly.

You have done so much and accomplished so much in the last 6 months. To celebrate your birthday we went to Disneyland! But we went early, because your birthday is in the middle of summer. And hot summer days + long lines does not = fun. So we went in April, but before we went we gave you the chance to earn your own spending money. You had picked up some bad habits and and basically we paid you to behave well. You could earn up to 2 quarters a day for remembering to use your manners and for not throwing tantrums (lets just say you didn’t always earn that second quarter…). You also earned money working at a friend of ours donut truck.


You worked their twice and earned tips. You were adorable, you handed Miss Kim the bags, you would tell the customers how much they owed and put into the billing system. If they gave you cash you would count it out and make change. People loved you and you earned a surprisingly large amount of money for disneyland. You went with $100 to spend on whatever you wanted. And spend you did. You bought yourself a ton of souvenirs. Sometimes I would offer to buy something for you, but you insisted on buying it yourself. You even saved some of your money for the rest of our trip when went to Monterey and San Francisco.


You had so much fun at Disneyland. You weren’t overly keen about meeting the characters, the only ones you wanted to meet were Elsa and Anna from Frozen. So I spent 3 1/2 hours sitting in line (holding your brother while he slept) waiting for you to meet them. And when you finally did, you completely froze. The pressure of seeing your favorite characters come to life was a bit too much. But hey, at least you met them. And luckily after that i didn’t have to stand in a single line to meet a character (other then Mater for your brother). A really good friend of mine joined us with her son (Aiden) and you two had so much fun together. You guys would ride on rides together and ditch us grown ups. And he made you a little braver. Some of the rides made you nervous. I was so proud of you for going on as many as you did (even though you made me drive the cars).


After 3 fun filled days at Disneyland and California adventure (you liked California adventure more by the way, because it had your favorite ride; soaring), we headed north to Monterey to the opening of the Tentacles exhibit at the aquarium that my friend had spent the last several years working on.

One of your favorite parts of the trip was the day that we went to go see the Ladybug Girl musical. Another of your idols come to life! You and your brother had a fabulous time, and you got to meet the characters afterwards. You each got posters and Lincoln wanted everyone to sign his, you only wanted Ladybug girl, Butterfly girl and Bingo.

The last day we spent wandering around San Francisco (mostly because mommy had a quick client meeting up there, so then we just stayed up there and hung out before flying home). As usual you were a fabulous traveler and for the most part handled the whirlwind trip fabulously.


You love going to the the theater to see plays and musicals, so the day before mothers day, I took you to your first ballet. Other then wondering what was wrong with them, since they weren’t talking you enjoyed it. But it was a LONG ballet and we called it quits after 2 hours when you started squirming. Speaking of the theater, we also took you to see Cat in the Hat as well and you loved that. Your full of drama, so I guess it makes sense that you love the theater 🙂


We used to fight over what to wear in the morning. So you started waking up before us and getting dressed before we are even awake. You used to take the stool out of the bathroom everyday and it drove me nuts (trying to potty train your brother without a way from him to climb up onto the potty was not fun), so after several mornings of me getting irritated about the missing stool I finally asked why you kept moving it. You said that you couldn’t reach your dresses without the stool and you were trying to get dressed all by yourself. That afternoon we went and bought you a stool just for your closet. You have your own sense of style. I do not claim to understand it. For example in the photo above you are wearing what looks to be a belt, but it is really a super hero mask that you tied around your waist. So on your tummy is the mask. Since you dress yourself I try to give you the freedom to wear what ever you want as long as it is weather appropriate. I get odd looks often, but its just not worth it to fight with you. And it gives you a sense of independence.


Your an active kid. You played both basketball and soccer this year, as well as take dance class. Wearing you out is exhausting. You love to ride your bike and your scooter. And of course you still love to run.


We ran another 5k together, and then you ran a 1k with your brother. Amazingly you still had tons of energy after running the 5k and literally ran circles around your brother during the 1k.


A big milestone for you was graduating pre k. Your dad and I are so proud of you. And you were so proud of you. Your class had practiced hard on learning a couple songs to sing and you proudly belted those lyrics out! What amazed me even more was that your teachers told you that one song was a surprise for the parents and to not tell us. Shockingly you were able to keep quiet about the surprise. Afterwards you kept asking us if we were surprised and if we liked it. Yes and yes!


At the moment you love school, lets see if it stays that way once you start kindergarten. But its probably a good thing that you love school since you currently want to be a doctor. Your teachers asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up, I figured you would say a princess or a unicorn. But nope, you chose doctor (and don’t think that your teachers tried to direct you, because after all you can’t really grow up to be a unicorn. But judging by what some of the other answers were they wrote down exactly what you said). You love going to the doctors and are sad when Lincoln “gets” to go to the doctor and you don’t. I assume at some point you will change your mind, maybe you will want to grow up to be a unicorn after all.

Since we are discussing school… lets discuss some things you learned in the last 6 months.


You learned to read. These are all of the books that you have read so far. And no I did not set up this photo. I was planning on having you stack the books, like this:


But when I went into your room to take the photo, I found you laying out every book and sitting in the middle of them. You are so proud of the books you have read. And you should be, look at that huge stack! Some of them took us a long time to  get through, and some you read in 15 minutes. Now you have what you refer to as your “easy” books, and you read those to your brother.

You also learned how to swim… without your floaties!


You have officially ditched the floaties and jump on it. I only make you use them when we float on the river (not the river at the water park, the real river) or at the wave pool (those waves can get big!). Otherwise you are floatie free and loving it. Most of the time the pools are shallow enough for you to stand if you need to, but you can doggy paddle in the deep end and dive to the bottom.


You have really loved going to the pool this year. And we got passes to the waterpark up north and have gone almost once a week. Im a little jealous of your summer (Im usually right there with you, but then once you go to sleep I stay up and work until the wee hours and then get up early to have another adventure).


Speaking of adventures… we decided one weekend to go on a road trip to Oklahoma with your best friends (and one of mine as well). You got to see a new state, and refused to fall asleep until we crossed into Oklahoma.

We have been very busy this summer. Most days we are out and about at the waterpark, movies, Thinkery, aquarium, cooking classes, pool, playground, friends houses, mini golfing, picnicing and all around adventuring.


You and your brother have become best buddies lately. You guys play together all day. Yes you occasionally argue, but for the most part you guys get along great. You read to him, you play pretend together, you help each other. Your such a great big sister. You cheer him on when he does something your not brave enough to do (like ride your bike down the big hill), and you appointed yourself his potty coach. You would sit in the bathroom playing toys with him while he sat on the potty and cheer when he went (you also demanded a treat if Lincoln got one because you “helped”). I love that you guys get along so well together. When I have to get some work done you guys will disappear into one of your rooms and play for a few hours (yes, I said hours!).



Your nickname is monkey (well monkey doodle… no I don’t remember how you got it. Perhaps because your a monkey that likes to doodle?). And you are a monkey. Not in the sense that you climb everything but that you like to goof off and monkey around. You discovered riddles just before your birthday (they were part of your birthday party) and you LOVE them. Occasionally pages in your workbook have riddles at the bottom and you get really excited about them. 

Your curious, and fiercely independent, and you have strange tastes in food (you prefer multiple cereals in one bowl for breakfast because a single cereal is just boring. And don’t get me started on what kind of things you dip in your yogurt – but pirates booty and carrots are perfectly acceptable dipping foods to you), you love to learn (reading, cooking, rocket making. I t doesn’t matter, you want to learn about it). You have grown so much in the last 6 months; emotionally, mentally and physically. For the most part it has been a pleasure to watch you grow and become the little person that you are.


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