Fiona – 54 months

March 27, 2014

Fiona I will apologize. 1) This is really late, but I will do my best to only discuss things that you were doing up until 54 months. 2) I apparently haven’t used my “real” camera enough, so I think this might be the first time I have posted photos from my phone. They still count as photos though! 2013-September-Boston-day1-5 Months 48-54 were busy, we did more traveling. We went apple picking in the North East and added Maine to the list of states that you have been to. We also headed back to California just before Christmas. You are a fabulous traveler. You pack your own suitcase for the plane, and I think you might be ready to pack your own clothes too. Maybe I will let you try for our next trip. 2013-11-01-14.29-3 You learned to ride a bike. You got one for your birthday, you got on it and took off. We have rode all over the neighborhood. I can’t wait for your brother to get better at peddling so that we can go on family bike rides without either of you on my bike. And see that cape you are wearing? Yeah… so you like to dress up. Alot. For Christmas your big present from your dad and I was a dress up station. Your dad made it, and mommy shopped (along with Papa) for costumes. You wear all kinds of fun costumes. Skateboarding unicorn, check. Flaminco dancer for breakfast, check. You also LOVE to dress as a princess. I never know who or what you are going to be when we leave the house. 2013-11-01-14.32 A big thing that happened to you, was that you broke your arm. You went to the playground with daddy and fell off the slide. At first we didn’t think it was broken, but after awhile of you not using it we knew something was up. So you got a fancy pink cast that was decorated and sparkly but the time you were healed. You are my kid, so it was bound to happen eventually. Now that it has happened lets try and see how long we can go before you break something else shall we? 2013-11-01-14.29 You also had your first sleep over. It was a very big deal for you to have someone sleep over. You and your bff were so excited. You helped me design and make the invitation. You guys ate ice cream, watched a movie, and giggled until late. Your friend wasn’t sure she wanted to stay the night, but her mom came over and we read a few more stories and you both eventually passed out. Sleepovers are such a big milestone, sigh you are growing up bit by bit. You have been bugging me to have another one, which will probably happen over the summer. 2013-december-fiona-dance-recital-13 You also had your second recital (which involved two performances. 1 at the YMCA and the other at the Trail of Lights downtown. The second one was in front of hundreds or total strangers). You did not disappoint. You listened to your teacher so much more this time, but of course you had to show your own personality. At the second performance there might have been some giggling because you ended every move with a jump or a spin. 2013-december-fiona-play-3 You were also in your first play. Your school put on a performance of Twas the Night Before Christmas. You were one of the mice. And you made a darn cute mouse. I look forward to many more of these performances. 2013-11-30-13.29 Goodness, so many firsts. You also ran your first 5k. At 4 years old. I was so proud of you that I could have cried when you finished. Total strangers cheered you on, you were the youngest kid running (your brother was in a stroller, so he doesn’t count). And even though we finished almost last (it was a small race), people that you passed cheered for you. You were tired and you wanted to stop sometimes. But we would play one of your favorite songs and skip for awhile. I didn’t care how fast you were (but you did finish in just under 45 minutes), all I cared was that you tried. I have no idea if you will continue to run, but for now you enjoy it. 2013-11-01-14.29-2 You also enjoy helping me in the kitchen. I have started teaching you to cook. You can make a tasty breakfast; scrambled eggs, toast and fruit. You will help make meals; chop things, stir things, and carry them to the table. You and your brother often fight over who gets to do what in the kitchen. 2013-october-heaps-halloween-5 Your a little easier to get along with lately. You have less tantrums and are better about using your words. Your a total goof ball most of the time and you love to be silly. 2013-october-pumpkin-patching-6 Your also much more helpful and independent. You want to buckle your own seat belt, roll your own window up and down and open doors all by yourself. At least you are polite and will hold doors open for others. 2013-11-01-14.30 I would also like to mention your headbands. If you notice you are wearing a different headband in every photo (Except the one where you were cold and wore a hat). Some how you have become obsessed with headbands, and it all started with this butterfly one. You wore it ALL. the.time. Eventually I got sick of seeing the same one, so I bought you a few more. Next thing I know you have over twenty and the majority are… shall we say eccentric? You wear butterflies, bows (big and small), bunny years, hats, pigtails, pirate ships,flowers, skulls, antennas, crowns, and the list goes on and on. It is a strange  accessory, but one you have made all your own. Since we are talking obsessions… lets chat Frozen shall we? It is the ONLY movie I have ever seen in the theater 3 times. 3. And you loved each and every time we went. We bought the movie the day it came out, and I have lost track of how many times we have watched it. You can recite parts, sing along and even dance to it. Luckily its a good movie, so I don’t mind terribly2013-September-Boston-day2-16   So big, and so full of spunk. You can be a dramatic handful and super caring. You continue to grow and amaze me in so many ways.


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