Lincoln – 30 months

March 25, 2014

Oh goodness it has been a long time since I have posted, life and work have gotten in the way. I had 2 of my biggest projects ever back to back. So it has been an exhausting few months.

Somehow in the midst of all my crazy work schedule you turned 2 1/2. The last 6 months have brought so many changes for you.

You got to travel…again. And now that you are two you have your own frequent flier number. Congrats. You are a seasoned traveler and will get a lot of use out of that number. Right after your birthday we headed east and you got to go to Massachusetts, Main, and New Hampshire (you are headed that way again in a few months, maybe you will be able to check off a few more states). We also went back to California just before Christmas and I got to show you a few more of the things I did growing up, like Christmas in the Park. It was so much fun to see it through your eyes. The wonder of it all was so exciting to see. Your always so excited to see new things.


While we were in Boston our friends kids introduced you to soccer. It was pretty much love at first kick. We came home and enrolled you in soccer cubs (mommy and me) and you loved every minute of it. You did so well in fact that they bumped you up to big boy soccer. You are the only 2 1/2 year old in the class. You get a little intimidated, but over all I am amazed at how well you do considering how young you are. For probably the only time in your life, you are in the same soccer class as your sister. Every time we drive by the place you play soccer you get excited and talk about how you kick the ball. You aren’t playing games yet (that will start this fall) right now its just drills and ball skills.


You have become much more coordinated. You have been crashing your sisters dance class every week. Luckily Fiona has a very understanding teacher and lets you dance for the first 10-15 minutes and do warm ups with them. You call it your dance class and look forward to it every week.


And your a lot like your sister; you tend to dance to your own beat. Although you do a pretty good job of following along when you can. Your favorite parts are at the beginning when they warm up, because that usually involves music that you know like itsy bitsy spider (one of your favorites!) and twinkle twinkle. You have become interested in music lately. Usually on the drive to school Sofia and Fiona take turns picking songs that we listen to, now you pick too. Your favorites are Turbo, Batman, What does the Fox Say, Lion King, Itsy Bitsy Spider (we have a dance/pop version), Superheros, a song from Wreck it Ralph and of course anything Frozen. You can belt out “let it go” rather impressively.


Fiona has pulled you into her world of pretend. I love listening to you guys play pretend together. You have picnics on the living room floor, you are superheros that fly off to save the city, and are pirates that sail around making each other walk the plank and look for treasure. You also like being animals, kitties and frogs are favorites. And of course you like being batman. For the longest time you refereed to your self as Batman. “Can you say Lincoln”, “No, I batman!” or “me, hero!”. You did eventually learn to say your name (while mommy was traveling for work, I got to hear you the first time over video chat), but you still like to be Batman. You also love to pretend to nap while Fiona “reads” you stories, and you like it when I pretend to nap. You like to shake me and say “mommy, wake up, it morning time!”


It has been a really cold winter, with several episodes of what the weather people like to call the Polar Vortex. Weather people don’t have lot to get excited over and really like to hype things up with names. Anyway it has been a colder then average winter and we had several “snow” days. Only one of those snow days actually got any “snow”, and even then it was just lots of ice that we scraped into snow. But you still thought it was awesome. You helped me build a miniature snowman and then slide down the driveway on a tray; “wheee!”. You are so much braver then your sister. Sometimes not in a good way. I’ve watched you drag the stool from the bathroom to about 2 1/2 feet from the recliner, then you launch your self off the stool at the recliner so that you can jump on it and make it spin. I now keep a case of ice packs in the laundry room… just in case (okay, they are more for your overly dramatic sister, but you have used your fair share).


Dare devil stunts aren’t just for the living room. You got a skateboard for Christmas (and pads thankfully) and love riding it. We have taken you to the skate park a few times and you LOVE it. You also love riding your sisters pink radio flyer scooter around the skate park. You are working your way up to one of the bigger ramps. You ride up and down the little one and then get to the edge of the big one and change your mind. Im going to be cheering loudly the day you get brave enough to go over the edge, and then I will be buying more ice packs and probably be enlarging the first aid kits I carry with me at all times. I will be proud of you and worried about you all at the same time. So even though I warn you to be careful I will cheer you on as you master something new (even if that something new scares the crap out of me).


You and your sister adore each other. Fiona wants you to dance with her in class, and she loves chasing after you in soccer. She also cheers you on (safely from the sidelines, thank you very much). She waits for you to try new food to see if you like it, and then gives you all of hers if she doesn’t. For the most part you guys play great together. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of “Lincoln took my toy”, and “YaYa (which is what you call Fiona, even though you can say her name) hit me”, or “Lincoln’s not sharing!”. I am going to enjoy this phase while I can because Im sure there will be some really impressive sibling rivalries in the future. So I will take the hand holding and hugs for now.


Your curiosity is a joy to watch, although not always a joy to clean up. You dragging the dogs water bowl outside to play in the water and make mud got old pretty fast. We went to the Botanical Gardens the other day to explore the faerie houses and you loved them “another faerie house!!!” and you would run off to see what kind of faerie house it was. That is one aspect of your personality that hasn’t changed; the joy and excitement. You still cheer for all kinds of things (cereal, yeah, that’s still pretty exciting). Cake. Cakes, gets lots of cheers. You always get excited and ask “me?” and your voice gets high at the end. “Disneyland, me?”, “soccer, me?”, “medicine, me?” and if I tell you no (like when Fiona is sick and she gets medicine and you don’t) you respond with “aw, man!”.

You also discovered Look and Find books and an obsession was born. You will spend an hour quietly going through your stack of Look and Find books in your room. We even went old school and got you a Where’s Waldo book for when you sit on the potty (potty training has begun!). That pesky Waldo is no match for your finding skills.


Your sweet, unbelievably sweet. Probably to make up for the times that you drive me nuts. But you give kisses, lots of kisses. Sometimes slobbery, but I really don’t care. If you kiss my check, you ask to kiss the other one (yes, of course. I am never going to turn down a kiss from you). You bring me flowers “for you!”. And you snuggle. “Mama, nuggle? Nuggle in my bed?”. I try, I really do try to snuggle in your bed, but it lasts about 5 minutes and then I give up and will happily pat your back if you want me to. Sometimes you need help falling asleep. Sometimes you think you are a rockstar and stay up until 10:30pm. Those nights drive me nuts. We are having to cut your naps short so that you go to bed at night, and you really aren’t happy about waking up “no wake up, me sleep.”. You are going to be a pain to drag out of bed in the morning for school when you are older.

You had your 2 1/2 year check up the other day. And this is as undressed as you were willing to get. Look you compromised, you took off your shoes and your socks. You also had to bring “chicken butt” with you. That orange chicken that you drag around behind you, you call it Chicken Butt. And no, thats not embarrassing at all when we are out. I blame your sister for that. She taught you all about chicken butt, and you think it is just hilarious. “Old McDonald has a farm E-I-E-I-O, and on that farm he has a…”, “Chicken butt!!!”, cue lots of laughter. You think your hilarious, and so does your sister. You guys crack each other up over the strangest things.

Not surprisingly your tall, you measure in at 38 inches (that is 3 feet 2 inches!). You are in 4T (!) tops already. You are so tall, most people think you are so much older then you are. You are in the 95% for your height. You are in the 70% for weight and  weigh 32 lbs. You are still in 3T pants though, because you have no tooshie.



You have grown so much and so has your vocabulary (seriously, so.much.talking) in the last 6 months. You are such a sweet kid, and a total boy. There are many things about you that baffle me; cars, dinos, drums, and jumping on things. Oh and your tantrums, you have started those too. And to be perfectly honest they are hilarious, even perfect strangers can’t take you seriously when you jump up and down and flap your arms. But luckily those are rare. Mostly you are my sweet boy.  Happy 30 months kiddo.


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