The Heaps go to Boston – Eat raspberries and visit 2 other states

November 4, 2013

I apologize for the 2 week break in posting these photos. The Heaps have had the stomach flu, a broken wrist and of course work and Halloween costumes to make.

After picking apples we headed down the hill in search of raspberries.


I think the kids may have liked raspberries more, just judging on the volume of fruit that was consumed.


Lincoln learned quickly how to find them and pick them.


I love that I have a very similar photo of Fiona doing this same thing (exact same pose) when I took her blackberry picking when she was little. My kids love berries.


Fiona loved picking them as well. There was many exciting shouts as the kids ran up and down the rows finding the ripe berries.


After Lincoln filled his basket (okay I filled his basket, he was too busy eating them) he plopped down and started eating. Im amazed he had any room left for lunch after all of the fruit they ate.


Mmm… fresh raspberries! I often think we should plant berries. But I know I would never see a single berry. My kids would eat them all.


Fiona was proud of her raspberry stash.


I once again handed over my camera and had my friend snap a couple photos. Was there a single one where the kids were actually looking at the camera? No, there were far more exciting things to look at. Im just happy that they didn’t have mouths full of apple.


After our fruit picking we headed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was a very picturesque, typical New England town. Mark said that it was a little weird how everything looked like the town in England where he grew up.


 My little boy looked so grown up on the trip, he is leaving toddler behind and becoming a kid. Sigh. He talked so much while we were there and has continued to be a little chatterbox since we got home. And he still thinks the trick of hiding his hand is hilarious.

Only one more post from Boston!


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