The Heaps go to Boston, and eat Donuts and go to the Cape

October 15, 2013

Saturday morning Heather’s boys both had soccer games. So my kids got to watch actual games, instead of just kicking a ball around. Since donuts (especially Dunkin Donuts) are huge on the east coast we picked some up before the game. Fiona chose chocolate, and I got some pumpkin (widely known fact; I heart all things pumpkin) ones for Lincoln and I.


Delicious, delicious pumpkin donuts. Lincoln ate most of his, and then when we weren’t looking sneaked two more munchies (donut holes) and ate those too.

The kids had fun watching the games, and as far as I know both boys won. Since they played at the same time we watched half of Eric’s game and then went and watched the last half of James’s game (luckily they are at the same place). However a trip to the bathroom with Fiona meant I missed almost all of James’s game, so I could be wrong whether he won or not.

After the games we rushed James off to a sleep over and then headed to the coast so that the kids could see the Atlantic and “dip their toes in”… we all know what happens when Fiona says that…


We stopped in a little town called Woods Hole and got lunch; mmmm lobster tacos! What we didn’t realize was Lincoln was coming down with something, which meant he was unbelievable clingy. Mostly to me. He would sob “mommy up, mommy up!” I could only do so much carrying so Heather’s fabulous husband, Patrick, offered to take him (I should also say that Mark tried to take him, but none of us would let him. Mark had his gallbladder removed and several hernias repaired a few weeks prior and still wasn’t suppose to lift much). Lincoln finally agreed that Patrick was an acceptable ride and settled in on Patrick’s shoulders.

We wandered around Woods Hole for awhile and ended at the aquarium, we got there just in time for the seal feeding. Which the kids LOVED. The seals swam around, did tricks like jumping through hoops and knocking balls of sticks.


Then we headed to the beach. Which was surprisingly warm.


The kids climbed on rocks, splashed in the water, and collected shells. Eric tried to show Fiona a crab and put it in her shell cup and to put it simply she was not impressed. She quickly dumped the whole thing out and started to cry. Poor Eric had no idea what he did wrong.


I handed over my camera to Heather so that she could snap a family photo of us. Proof that all of us were there, at the same time!


Then Fiona was off and running down the beach pretending to be Ladybug girl in the waves.


Darwin got to come to the beach too. He wasn’t so sure about the waves though!


As you can see Lincoln has come a long way from being the crying baby on the beaches in Hawaii. Now he thinks they are pretty cool. And as you will note, he is soaked. He decided to sit down in the water.


Fiona, as usual, loved the water. At one point she stops splashing and pulls off her (soaking wet) skirt and hands it to a baffled Heather and told her that she “didn’t want to get it wet”, a little late for that kiddo.


Fiona had so much fun playing at the beach, we really do need a beach family vacation soon. Somewhere warm preferably.


Not that the non tropical weather slowed Fiona down at all.


Lincoln mostly wandered around on his own scooping up water and pouring it on himself, because I guess that is what boys do? Really, I have no idea why.

Fiona on the other hand was pretending to surf with Eric, and being her usual goofball self.

After a full day at the beach and soccer field most of the kids fell asleep on the way home. They did however wake up when we stopped at a local dairy for ice cream. Apple pie frozen yogurt; I love fall!


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