The Heaps go to Boston and play soccer

October 14, 2013

After both kids slept on the drive home they were ready to play when we got back to our friends house. The boys we home as well and it had warmed up to be a gorgeous fall day (especially by Boston standards).


Mark tried to teach Lincoln how to kick the soccer ball. Lincoln took instruction well, and loved playing with the big boys.


Did I mention that my friends just got a new puppy a few days before we got there?  A super cute weimarunner puppy (who got more attention then a newborn baby when we took him out in public. Seriously so many people came up to him).


He looks so much older then his 2 years. He watched the boys play and Heather’s sons were so sweet to try to include him when they could.


Look at that concentration as he mimics his daddy and kicks the ball.


The puppy (Darwin) was only 9 weeks old and doesn’t have all of his shots yet. so he can’t go out and play too much. But he happily watched the soccer shenanigans from inside.


I think we might need to sign a certain little boy up for soccer. He got comfortable enough that he would try chasing the ball down on his own. and kicking it. It didn’t go far, but that didn’t matter to him in the slightest.


Its warm in Texas, which means its probably been about 8 months or so since Lincoln wore a long sleeve shirt. He thought it was hilarious that he could “lose” his hand and then pull it out and surprise you. It was a form of endless entertainment for him. This is the look he would have on his face as his hand reappeared, like; “tada! its still here!”



Fiona got bored of soccer pretty quickly and went to hang out with Heather’s younger son and their neighbor (see the other little girl? She is in first grade and Fiona still towered over her. Sometimes I forget how tall she is). Eric knows how to make all of the bracelets that he is wearing, and that made him super cool in her mind “mama, he can MAKE bracelets!”. Fiona followed Eric around the entire time we were there, its really good that Eric is a super sweet kid and didn’t mind a 4 year old shadow.

Next up; the Heaps head to the Cape


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