The Heaps head to Boston

October 11, 2013

Every once in a awhile you meet some one and become friends. That friend is there for you throughout the years; weddings, births, deaths, moves across country. You don’t talk everyday, but you know that when you need them; say at 8pm when you find a tick on your daughter and need to know how to remove it, or when you are trying to figure out how to get your large couch out of your impossibly tiny apartment, they will be there. For me that time was kindergarten and that friend was Heather. 30 years later we are still in touch and try to visit each other at least once a year. It was our turn for a visit, and we had slacked off a little. So a couple weeks ago we packed up and headed to the east coast to spend a long weekend with our friends.

We arrived on thursday night and got to spend some time with their family before all of our kids passed out. Since the following day was a school day, Heather’s boy headed off to school and we headed off Sturbridge Village; an 1830’s New England living history museum.


The kids loved it, they got to play outside; in leaves (!), see people dressed up, and ride in a buggy pulled by horses (or Yee haws to Lincoln).


Leaves!!! Lincoln got to wear one of the long sleeve shirts that another friend sent us. They won’t get much use for another couple months here in Texas but they got a lot of use on our trip.


Fiona loved all the leaves and was stuffing all of our pockets with them.


Sturbridge Village was beautiful. They did an amazing job of bringing in buildings from around the east coast to set up the village. There was a working saw mill (which produced the wood planks to make the benches around the village), an apple press, a blacksmith, etc.


And this is what happens when you let a 4 year old dress herself. That kid has layering down to a science! And those shoes are ones that took us 4 stores to find, and Im pretty sure her daddy is never taking her shoe shopping again.


This is Heather. Im not sure what the two of them are discussing, but Lincoln looks very concerned.


Sigh… my baby looks so grown up. Like a little boy.

He was getting frustrated while we ate lunch so Lincoln and I took a walk and found some cows (moos!). He was so excited to see a pen full of cows.


Him and I hung out while everyone else finished eating. We enjoyed the fall colors, look trees with green, yellow, orange and red!


Fiona ate all of her lunch and then we let her pick out a treat at the general store. She picked out a striped lollipop (which she managed to eat a third of before she threw it away).


Seriously, how pretty is New England in the fall?


We tried to get the kids to sit together for a photo… yeah that didn’t go so well. I think Fiona is practicing her Blue Steel look.


Then Lincoln fell off the wall to play in the dirt, and Fiona thought it was hilarious. Sigh, just one photo of the two of them looking normal that is all I asked for. Although this is a much more accurate representation of the day.


By this point in the day Lincoln was exhausted. We couldn’t get him to stay quiet or focus on anything. Every time we walked into a building (general store, blacksmith, etc) he would get antsy and disruptive. So Mark and Fiona wandered ahead to check out an old house and Lincoln played in the dirt.

Eventually I sat down with Lincoln and Heather for a few minutes and Lincoln passed out. Then in our brilliant planning we had not brought a carrier or stroller, so I carried Lincoln around while we slept for an hour (he slept longer, but by then we were in the car). At least we got to look at the apple press and glass exhibit in peace. Although my arms hurt for the next two days.

That was the last photo I took at Sturbridge since my arms were otherwise occupied, but it was far from the last photo of the day. We crammed a whole lot into our 4 1/2 days. The rest will follow soon.


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