A race party – the fun!

September 25, 2013

Throwing a party for a bunch of little boys is very different then throwing one for little girls. 

They are very easily entertained with a box of cars and a plank of wood. It was so cute to watch all the boys crowd around the race ramp. Some of the other boys were a little unsure (they are not quite as obsessed as Lincoln is with cars).


But Lincoln knew what to do and happily raced cars for over an hour, and showed all his buddies how awesome cars are.


Isn’t he outfit cute? I ordered one for Fiona as well, but it didn’t arrive until the day after the party. But she didn’t mind, and luckily Lincoln agreed to wear his coveralls. We saw those years ago at a classic car show and have been looking for a reason to buy them since.


After they were done racing cars it was time to turn themselves into cars and race. The first race the older kids participated  (the siblings of little ones) so that the little ones could see what to do.


How cute are they all lined up ready to run. Although it was much like watching the wiener dog races a few months ago; some would run, others would stand there, and the occasional one would run the wrong way.


But they all had fun!


Lincoln and Fiona are still playing with the cars and often hold races before dinner. I hear Lincoln shout “I win!!” even if he doesn’t (which is most of the time, Fiona is fast!).


Lincoln did win one race… okay Luke totally let him win one race.


Then it was time for cake. I didn’t get a single photo of everyone singing happy birthday, mostly because I was squatting near Lincoln trying to keep his fingers out of 1) the frosting 2) the flame on the candle.


But he loved his vroom cake.


Vegan banana cake is delicious (it is his favorite, its more like banana bread then cake, but he loves it). Everyday (a week and a half later) he still talks about his vroom cake.


We opened presents after most people had left so that it wouldn’t be so chaotic. There are now even more cars and fire trucks in my house. His last present he opened was his Tow Mater quad from his grandparents. I love how in the photo you can just see the portion of the banner that has his nickname on it.

This was definitely a party that will be remembered in out house for awhile. Vroom, vroom!!!



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