Race car party – the design

September 23, 2013





When we started planning Lincolns birthday party a few months ago we tossed around a few ideas; monsters, dinos, balls. But really there is only one thing that my son is obsessed with; cars. Not the movie Cars (which he does like), but cars in general. Or vroom vrooms as he calls them. He loves to drive them around, race them, push them down ramps, push them across the floor, etc. So we decided on a car theme. I kinda wanted a retro speed racer feel to the part and invites.


Once again Mark and I teamed up on the invites, and they came out adorable! I picked out the colors I wanted, found a couple examples of the type of car I wanted, and then I asked Mark to use his illustration talents to draw Lincoln in a race car.


The day before I sent them off to print we decided to do a quick photo shoot for the back of the cards. The original idea was Lincoln on his tricycle. So all of us headed down the street to where they are doing new construction so that we had an empty road. The road is on a hill, and the kids had fun racing up and down it. Mark rode his skateboard over, and Lincoln was more interested in the skateboard then the bike. I got a few photos of Lincoln on his bike before Lincoln ditched it for the skateboard. Lincoln quickly figured out how to push it and he was off. The photo of him on the skateboard ended up being so cute that we went with that for the invites instead of the trike ones.


The design of the rest of decorations were based off the invites. We stuck to mostly cyan, green, orange, with accents of black and white. The food table, as usual, was my domain. We had Racing Fuel, aka H2O.


A vroom cake. This is definitely not the coolest car cake out there, but the kids were all impressed and Lincoln LOVED it. He actually ate the cake and not just the frosting. He has asked for a vroom cake every. single. day since the party.


My favorite food was the pretzel cars. I made a cinnamon apple pretzel dough and cut the pretzels into strips when I baked them. A friend came over and helped me attach wheels and steering wheels, and then I cut a small slit into the top for the Teddy Graham. My mom gave me the idea, she saw something similar using milky way bars. As my friends joke, this is the Kristina-fied version of it, meaning the healthier version. They were super cute, and rather tasty.


I cut watermelons into car shapes (which is also a favorite for his lunchbox).



And since the fruit kabobs went over so well at Fiona’s birthday I made a stoplight version for Lincolns party. Well I should say my fabulous neighbor made them. I cut everything up, gave her the flag toothpicks and she assembled while watching the Longhorn game.


For the decoration of the food area I bought street washi tape and made roads that criss crossed over brightly colored paper and stuck a few cars down.


The party favors were of course matchbox cars. I lined the tins with black felt that I drew white dotted lines down, glued on handles made of car ribbon, then added a few racing tattoos and a car.


They were all lined up ready to race.


The colored flags on the door also were across the living room. And my neighbors also helped me make the ones for the door and stuck the checkered flags on the doors to welcome the pint sized racers.


Speaking of racing, we had two activities planned and they both involved racing. Mark made a ramp that the kids could race cars at. Mark didn’t think it would be as big if a hit as it was. He thought after the party he might hang it on Lincoln’s wall, but Lincoln and Fiona love it and use it daily! The kids all crowded around it and raced cars down it at the party.


The other activity was box car races. I made a bunch of car costumes out of boxes for the kids to wear and race it. We strung up a streamer for the finish line, put down some flour as a starting line and had the kids line up. There were so many kids that we had to do multiple races.

I was really worried that this activity would be a flop. But the kids all seemed to like it, and they all looked so darn adorable all lined up ready to race.

Stay tuned for party photos!





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