Lincoln – 2 Years

September 16, 2013

Your two. Two!! I can’t believe my baby is two years old. Your growing up, and Im not sure I am ready for it. You have grown so much in the last 6 months. You have been to two more states and are an excellent traveler. You have outgrown your highchair AND your booster. You think you are far too grown up to sit in a booster, thank you very much.


You have opinions, and they are not always the same as mine. You have thoughts on your wardrobe, food, books, and what you want to do. You bring me something to wear/eat/read, and if I say no you pout. Its a rather impressive pout too. Bottom lip sticks out, eyes get big and look at the ground. I try to be careful about what battles to pick. Which is why sometimes you leave the house wearing some interesting outfits. I’ve learned with your sister that as long as it fits and is somewhat weather appropriate (no shorts in the snow, or sweatshirts in 100 degrees) then I just go with it.


You have a (mostly) joyous personality. You are easily excited about the smallest things and will run around shouting “yay!” and clapping. Breakfast? “Yay!!! Cereal!!!” as you run for the pantry. A friend recently said that she wanted to invite you to all big events because you give the reactions people hope for. She wants you at her birthday just so someone will cheer for her and run around so excited that its her birthday. A package arrived for you a few weeks ago and in it were lots of toys. You would pull one out “yay!!!” (lots of clapping and arms thrown in the air) and play with it before even considering the next one. I want to buy you things and show you things just because you are so excited to experience it. Even breakfast or brushing your teeth is exciting.


I love how a kiss makes everything better. You have yet to receive an injury that hasn’t been fixed by a kiss and in drastic cases a bandaid. Anytime you get a boo boo, you run over to me, point at the offending spot, all I have to do is give it a kiss and it makes it all better and you are off running again.


You have become quite the little chatter box. I lost count at 100 words, but you are well over that amount. And you are stringing sentences together. I love when you learn a new word, and you are always so proud of yourself. You recently learned “heart” so thats what you always ask me to draw. I will also be sad the day you no longer call a car a vroom vroom. “Mommy’s vroom vroom”, “Daddy’s vroom vroom” and most exciting of all “fire vroom vroom!!!”. Speaking of saying Mommy and Daddy, that is fairly recent too. I will admit I was a little sad when I was no longer your “mama”. “Mommy” is cute, but it means your are too grown up for mama.


Even though you are growing up, and can get up and down from the table (and take your bowl to the sink), take showers all by yourself, and try to buckle your own car seat, you still love to snuggle. You would happily sleep in my arms, or at the very least, fall asleep in my arms. You are like your sister, and you need your bedtime stuff. That stuff for you is your favorite blanket, your lion and your binky (which you call “night night”, because thats the only time you are allowed it).


You are obsessed with cars (and planes), well anything that you can make go vroom vroom. You love to play with your racing tracks, and at a restaurant recently you discovered NASCAR. You were so excited; vroom vrooms race!!! Even your birthday party was car themed. I wont pretend to understand it, but I will supply you with matchbox cars and allow you to test the velocity of different masses in relation to height (in other words, I will continue to let you set your racing track at the top of the stairs and launch them to see how far each one goes).


You also love your bike. Fiona got a bike for her birthday and you were desperate to ride with her. So we got you a push trike (best $20 I ever spent. No more bending down to try to push you). Now you guys ride your bikes while I walk the dogs. You are getting the hang of pedaling, so hopefully soon I can stop pushing you. For your birthday you got a Tow Mater quad. 4 wheels and an engine. Look out neighbors, Lincoln is on the road!


I love how sweet you are. You are pretty good about sharing, as long as its not lightening McQueen. You have your favorites. You are also really loving. You were holding baby Paul the other day (something you LOVE to do. “More baby Paul” as you hold out your arms), and you sat there giving him kisses. Part of me (a very teeny tiny part) wishes you could be a big brother, but you are just going to have to make do with mommy’s friends babies.


You (and your sister) have suddenly decided that you can swim. Luckily you are willing to wear your floaties now, so I don’t worry as much when you spend 30 minutes jumping in to the pool from the side. You even stick your head under water (something your sister was not keen on doing at your age). And you can kick! I still hold out hopes that you will be a swimmer like me, at the very least I want you to love the water. 70% of our planet is water, that is alot of getting your face wet.


You are getting so big, you are wearing 3t clothes and you are tall enough to swipe things off the counter (like my ungaurded scones). You are 36.25 inches tall (95%! Goodness that is tall) and you weigh in at 28lb (50%). So in other words you are long and lean. Its a far cry from your chubby baby days. You still have your round little cheeks, that I often can’t resist kissing.

Happy 2nd birthday Lincoln! I love watching you grow and seeing the man you will eventually become.


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