Baby Paul

September 11, 2013

Goodness, in the last two weeks I have edited almost 700 powerpoint slides. My mind is fried, and Im not done with the project yet. My increase of work coincided almost exactly with the kids going back to school. Which worked out great. But it also means I have a ton of photos to edit and post.

Remember the elephant themed baby shower? It was to celebrate this little guy.


Who is two months old now, so yeah, Im behind on posts.


Im glad that he was kind enough to wait until we were home from vacation to arrive so that I could meet him right away.


I visited him in the hospital the day he was born (I think he was born after midnight, so it still counts as the day he was born), and texted photos of me holding him to my jealous neighbors who had to work.


The kids could not wait to meet him, so as soon as we were given the all clear we went over to visit. Both kids adore baby Paul (which is how they refer to him). Lincoln brings him toys and loves to “hold” him. Which is really me holding him on Lincoln’s lap. We have discovered that Lincoln is a baby hog, so sometimes I visit without him, just so that I can hold baby Paul.


Because the kid is adorable. And totally huggable.


Those little baby hands, so perfect for curling around your finger.

He has grown so much since they brought him home, and I look forward to watching him grow even more. Welcome baby Paul!!


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