Summer Fun – Children’s Museum

August 23, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we headed to New Braunfels to go to the children’s museum. Yes Austin has one, but it is often crowded and easy to lose the kids and we had heard great things about the New Braunfels one, plus they had a group on. So a group of us headed down. The museum didn’t disappoint. It was awesome. The kids loved it, and there were so many things for them to do. A play hospital to play in, complete with a nursery and an ambulance to get to the emergency room, a space ship, a house, a store, an interactive music and light exhibit, a wild west area, an outdoors area (camping an canoeing), a bat cave, an art room, and more that I am probably forgetting. And that is just inside, the outdoor area is huge as well.

I mostly took photos outside because the light was better, and the outdoor area was smaller so I could at least keep an eye on both kids and snap some photos.


The boys all loved the water. Levers to push, ducks to float (or in Lincolns case make the ducks go down the little slides). This is Foster, one of Fiona’s bff’s little brother. Luckily he is only a few months younger then Lincoln. So when the girls get together to play the boys can play too (okay sit around staring at each other. Lincoln does not understand why Foster does not love cars as much as he does).


Fiona made some music.


And Lincoln made ducks go down slides. For a half an hour this is what he did, over and over and over.


While Fiona ran around with her friend Sofia and climbed things.


And Emily tried to climb (smaller) things.


Fiona climbed camels and other animals that she could find.


Lincoln still played with the ducks. He did show Foster the joy of making the ducks go down the slides.


It was just so much fun. I love those cheeks, they are so darn kissable.


See mom, you push the duck down like this and it is awesome!


Foster moved on from playing with the ducks to playing with the other water features.


Did I mention that all the boys loved the water?


And ducks! They loved the ducks.

We had so much fun and can’t to go back!


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