Corbin – 1 year

August 22, 2013

Ive been taking photos of Corbin since he was 4 months old and he recently turned 1. We wanted to do a fun shoot, and envisioned something similar to what I did for Lincoln’s 18 month photos. So we found a field, a chair, a whole bunch of balloons, and cake. Unfortunately what we didn’t have was a happy birthday boy.


I don’t think I have ever seen a kid so unhappy with the idea of balloons. We sat him down and he proceeded to glare at me. Lady you are going to have to do better then some balloons.


He is such a sweet boy, and usually so much fun to shoot, but that day he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.


And most of the shoot went some thing like this. Him crying dramatically. Which is life sometimes. Luckily his mother totally understands that sometimes babies will be babies and that involves some bad days,


Then out came the cake. Mmmm… cake.


But nope not even cake made it better. It was hilarious to watch him sob as he completely demolished a cake. Even his mother had a hard time laughing. Im going to eat this cake, but I am not going to be happy about it!


Finally when we were all done and packed up and were walking back to the car he was in his moms arms completely surrounded by a bunch of balloons and he was happy… for a brief moment he was happy.

Happy birthday Corbin! It has been a pleasure to watch you grow the last 8 months.


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