Summer Fun – Water Balloon Fight

August 20, 2013

Summer is just about over, the kids both start school next week but meanwhile we are enjoying summer as much as possible. A couple of weeks ago I introduced water balloons to the kids and they were in love at first splat.


So we invited Fiona’s friend and her brother over for a water balloon fight. I spent all of naptime filling up balloons, which disappeared in about 5 minutes. But it was a very fun five minutes.


All the kids had fun with the balloons.


At first they just threw them at the ground, but eventually they started throwing them at other things including each other.


Oh the trouble he can cause with balloons.


After the balloons ran out we turned on the sprinklers and the hose.


The boys cruised around on bikes.


Don’t mess with Foster and his bell!

And Fiona and I took photos.

Next time we will have to fill way more balloons to have the water balloon fight last more then a few minutes. But it was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon.


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