Tea Party with Pico

August 7, 2013

When we first moved in to this house Fiona threw some fabulous tea parties with Tibi (https://kewingcreative.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/tea-party/). No need to feel sad for Pico, he finally got invited to a tea party of his own.


Care for some tea Pico? Pico doesn’t look all that excited about the tea party.


Psst… its really good tea. I made it myself. Fresh from the bathroom sink.


See its delicious!  All he needs is his pinky sticking out.


Here I will hold it for you since your paws can’t fit in the mini tea cups. Lincoln mean business when your invited to a tea party. You either drink the tea or wear it (Pico might have gotten “tea” thrown at him once or twice). Just drink the tea Pico.


I love you pico! Your my bud.

Unlike Fiona, Lincoln likes to fill his tea cups with water and then wander around drinking his “tea”. So his tea parties can get a wee bit messier but they are just as fun to watch.


One Response to “Tea Party with Pico”

  1. Great little series, thanks for sharing!

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