Decorating the house – Lincoln’s room

August 1, 2013

Remember the new years resolution from like a year and a half ago that I wanted to get more of the house decorated and take photos as I went? So yeah, that really hasn’t happened. A few rooms have been finished I just haven’t taken photos.

Last weekend I had a few minutes all to my self so I figured I would take care of a few things on my to do list and hang up some things around the house. Things that have been on my list for oh… like a year (some not that long, and maybe one even longer). I finally hung up all the things I have been meaning to hang in Lincoln’s room. I figured I would take some photos before 1) I forgot 2) we changed his room.


Lincoln’s room is very eclectic and DIY. The artwork of the fox we picked up at Flatstock last year, and the owl picture is one that used to be Mark’s when he was a kid. I made the mobile out of a promo art book and scrapboking paper.


The mobile is a lot of fun colors. Im waiting for the day when Lincoln tries to knock it down.


This is one of the things I finally got around to hanging; his banner from his first birthday. Fiona has the banner from her first birthday in her room too. I love the way it looks above his window, it adds a pop of color to that part of his room.


While I was in the hospital with Lincoln, Mark was busy painting this amazing mural in Lincoln’s room.


It is definitely unique and so much fun.

Here are a few details from around his room:


An inexpensive target lamp with a lampshade that I recovered.


A fabulous book end that I found on etsy.


I made the other bean bag bookends.


More of the art work around Lincolns room. The dog and rocket print are both from Flatstock (the dog from last year and the rocket from this year).


The “L” I modge podged from a several superman comics. It was originally decoration from his first birthday. The “Lincoln” our neighbors picked up for him at a classic car show.


Another part of the amazing mural. This is right by his door when you open it.


I think Lincolns name is in his room 4 times. This photo was taken by Mark at the classic car show.

I love how Lincoln’s room turned out. Its fun and unique with lots of personal touches. Now maybe I will photograph some of the other rooms and it might give me the motivation to finish a few more.


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