Summer fun – Pool time

July 30, 2013

With the texas heat upon us we have gone to the pool many times. On our own and with friends. I dont always bring my camera, but I have brought it a few times to capture a little what our summer at the pool has been like. Im sure by the end of the summer I will have many more pool photos.


Lincoln loves bringing his trucks to the pool. He will happily spend hours just sitting in the kiddie pool washing his trucks.


Fiona on the other hand wants to swim. And she has gotten quite good this summer (as long as she wears a floaty of some kind. Usually a puddle jumper).


Lincoln likes to play with his floaties a little differently. He sometime wears it around his head, and just walks around. Or he likes to lay across it on his belly.


Or use it as a chair. He looks like he is expecting the float to do something, maybe if his booty wasn’t touching the ground then the float could actually float.


But mostly Lincoln just plays with his trucks.


To mix up our many pool days, we sometimes invite friends to join us. Usually its just friends from the neighborhood, I often text my friend “pool?”. and we both gather up kids, toys, various floating items, towels and snacks and head to the pool.


Sometimes our friends are very stylish.


Lincoln often gets tired before Fiona, even though Fiona is the one swimming and Lincoln just washes trucks. Apparently truck washing can be exhausting.




In case you were wondering, no I did not sit back and photograph my kid nearly drowning. She is in 2 feet of water practicing getting her head wet.


Lincoln’s little buddy.


Fiona doing some more swimming. Fiona saw a little girl with one of these floats and really wanted one. I checked every where I could think of and nobody had the really small ones. Then someone suggested the dollar store. So while out running errands one day I figured I would check, and they did have some. Yay for cheap little floaties!


You might not be able to see it, but Lincoln’s truck is under the water. I think he was attempting to drown it. But it was one of those annoying trucks that would pop right back up.

Half way through the summer and both kids are sporting tans, Lincoln is even darker then I am! SO thankful they got my ability to tan versus Mark’s ability to burn.


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