Fiona’s birthday; the carnival came to town

July 24, 2013

The carnival got started at 10 am, for multiple reasons 1) So the birthday girl wouldn’t drive me crazy ALL day asking when her party was going to start. 2) Fiona doesn’t nap, and sometimes not napping turns her into Mrs GrumpyPants 3) Its Texas in the summer time, enough said.

Her cousin (the fabulous cousin with mad fake tattooing skills) arrived on time, and Fiona eagerly showed off the party set up to him. Her grandparents arrived early to keep Lincoln from trashing the place (his GangGang was put on Lincoln duty after Lincoln brought me all the ducks and knocked over bowls of popcorn).


Then she put her cousin straight to work and picked out a tattoo (a cupcake).


Lincoln got one too; lollipops.


Shortly after friends started arriving and the party got into full swing very quickly


I think all the kids liked playing the games and choosing which prize they got.


My neighbors were seriously awesome and helped man the games. No idea what I would do without these fabulous people in our (and the kids) lives.


At 10:30 the balloon artist arrived. It was perfect timing, some of the kids had already finished the games and needed something else to do. She instantly had a crowd around her, and continued to have a crowd for the entire time she was there.


She made dogs, dinosaurs, butterflies, a monkey climbing a tree, swords, flowers, and Im sure many others that I can’t remember (those are the ones that are still wandering around our house somewhere).


We even set up an actual circus tent, just you know like 1/100  the size. I could have made one in the correct color scheme, but that seemed like entirely too much work. And the kids all liked playing in it. In fact it is still set up downstairs and it is still played in.


This is one of Fiona’s friends from daycare. She helped keep my nephew busy. He put on over 50 tattoos.


Even the little kids who could really play the games, had fun trying.



The birthday girl with her butterfly balloon. One of her friends was being grumpy and she was trying to cheer him up.


Lincoln had so much fun at the party. He passed out before 1pm and slept almost 4 hours.


More friends keeping the tattooist busy.


Then it was everybody’s favorite time; cake time! Fiona sat at the far end of the table which happens to be the direction the AC blows. So I had to relight her candle 3 times during the happy birthday song. So I didn’t get any photos of her blowing out her candle (since I had just relit it). I did get some on her actual birthday (those photos are at the bottom of this post).




Lincoln just likes the frosting, so he found a place to put the cake when he was done licking off all the frosting. Shoved into his daddy’s mouth!


Judging by the smiles on the kids faces, I say they had a good time. This guy kept my nephew the busiest with a total of 9 tattoos! Even a few adults were talked into tattoos.


Sigh, the birthday girl, looking so grown up with her clip on earring and her arms full of balloons. That smile is the reason that I put so much effort into the kids parties. She had a fabulous time at her party.


Her actual birthday birthday was the monday before her party. We kept the actual birthday fairly low key. We gave her present to her, actually we left it downstairs with a balloon tied to it. Thinking that when we went downstairs for breakfast we would get to see the look on her face when she saw her bike. What actually happened was at 7:30 in the morning she came running into our room “my birthday bike is here!! My birthday brought me a bike!! Can I ride it?”. Lincoln wasn’t feeling well so he stayed in bed with Mark and Fiona and I went downstairs for breakfast and a bike ride.


In the afternoon our neighbors and her grandparents came over for cake, or in this case a giant banana cupcake with pink frosting, sprinkles and a cherry on top.


“I wish I was a princess, I wish I was a princess” she whispered quietly as she blew out her candles. Does it count that your my princess?

Then Fiona got to go to he movies with just mommy and daddy to see Despicable Me 2. She had a fabulous birthday and an even more fabulous birthday party. Happy birthday Fiona! I love you and the smile you have had on your face for a week.


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