Fiona’s 4th birthday, the carnival came to town (the design).

July 23, 2013

This past weekend was Fiona’s 4th birthday party. Months ago we discussed what kind of party she wanted, I figured it would be a Lalaloopsy party since she loves those creepy dolls, but nope she chose a carnival/circus theme.

Once again the invite was a collaboration between Mark and I. We discussed what it should look like and came up with the idea of Fiona as the ring master. Last year I drew her tea party invites and it took me forever so this year I delegated all illustration to Mark.

I tweaked the colors a little when he gave it to me, mostly just the background colors. Fiona’s favorite colors are pink and purple and that is what kind of carnival she wanted. Then I got to work on the text and fonts. So come one, come all to Fiona’s 4th birthday spectacular!


So odd story; you will notice that there is no RSVP info. I totally forgot to add it. I would like to say I purposely left it off, but nope, I totally forgot. Mark didn’t even catch that I left it off. Oddly enough all but 1 person RSVPed (and the one, was a friend from Fiona’s school that I don’t have their contact info). Normally I have to follow up with people right before the party, but not this time. Apparently not telling people to do something encourages them to do it. I may try leaving RSVP info off again and see what happens.


I also have a weird thing about invites or announcements that have a blank back side. There is nothing wrong with it, I just don’t like it. Seems like wasted real estate. So I decided to do a quick photo shoot with Fiona the morning that I sent off the invites to the printer. We sat outside on the deck and took a couple of photos and I let her choose her favorite. I think she made an excellent decision.


Besides the invites may favorite part of the party may have been the cupcakes. I saw the idea on pinterest and figured I would try to replicate it. I found some pink striped cupcake wrappers that looked like popcorn cups (except pink), and then spent a couple of hours turning marshmallows into popcorn. I LOVED the end result. And a bonus they tasted fabulous. Im not a frosting fan (although I do prefer my vegan frosting to regular buttercream), and I only used a tiny amount of frosting to adhere the marshmallows, the end result was seriously tasty.


I added a little yellow food coloring to add “butter” to the popcorn. I have no idea if the kids thought they were cool or not, I do know that the marshmallows were the first thing eaten off of them all.


Some of the other snacks were peanuts and animals cookies.


And of course we had actual popcorn as well (air popped and flavored with Parmesan cheese).


Too keep the kids hydrated we some Big Top Water (and some juice boxes).


Here was part of the food table. I also made fruit skewers, which were surprisingly popular. I made a ton and there wasn’t a single one left. To round out the carnival themed food we had corn dogs (veggie and chicken. So that I could eat them too), and french fries (well sweet potato fries).


What is a carnival without games? I lined up the favor bags near the door so that they could use them to hold their prizes that they won at the games.


We had a bean bag toss.


A ring toss, where you could win your very own (soap) goldfish!


Fiona practicing her ring toss skills before the party got started. Her and Lincoln were playing the games all morning.

A (fake) tattoo station where they could make themselves in the tattooed man or lady. My awesome nephew manned that station, and he was very busy the whole morning. I think he applied over 50 tattoos!


There was a magnetic duck “fishing” pond which turned out to be the favorite game of the day (and they got to take home the duck that they caught).

We also had a balloon artist; another hit of the party. I didn’t take any photos that showed the whole game room, but we had streams and flags cris crossing the ceiling with balloons in the center to make it look/feel more like a carnival. The party was fun and chaotic. All of the kids had a blast. It was fun to put together, and I think it came together well. 

More party photos to come!


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