Valerie – Wildflowers and Maternity photos

July 17, 2013

A few months ago I took some maternity photos for a friend, and since that baby arrive a few days ago I figured I should probably post these before I start posting photos of the little guy.

I dragged her out for a shoot (literally called her 45 minutes beforehand and said “hey, my meetings got canceled today, so I have some free time this morning. Pick me up in 45?”), in the rain (okay it was only sprinkling), mostly because I was cohosting one of her baby showers and we planned on using a maternity photo as a guest book. So we were in need of a maternity photo.


Isn’t she an adorable mama to be? So beautiful and happy (although that’s probably because we did these before she got too uncomfortable).


Yes, yes, I know. This wall does look familiar. Thats because its my favorite wall/door to shoot against when I go to the Wildflower Center (and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is my favorite color… okay it might have something to do with it)



I can’t believe she managed to wear those shoes the entire time we wandered around shooting. She might not look it from the picture, but she is tiny. I’m over a foot taller then she is (even with those shoes of hers I am about 11 inches taller), which at least made it easy to shoot from slightly above her. All I had to do was stand on my tip toes.


She was one of those pregnant woman who glowed. Such a beautiful mama-to-be, and now a beautiful mama to two handsome boys. Congrats Valerie!


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