Fiona 4 years

July 15, 2013

Happy 4th brithday monkey! I was watching you sleep last night and realized you aren’t my baby anymore (and haven’t been for a long time), your a kid. An opinionated, spunky, exhausting; kid. You like what you like (yes to broccoli, no to green beans), you make your own friends (no more playdates with mama’s friends, although you still let me do that, but you have your own friends and ask me to arrange playdates for you. “Can you text Micah’s mama and ask her if she can come over later?”). You have your own set of rules and expectations, and we often butt heads over them.  I guess in that respect you are a typical 4 year old.


The last 6 months have been busy (I know I say that every time, what can I say, we lead very busy lives). You had your first dance recital, which you loved. You may have loved the recital more then the classes. You definitely march to the beat of your own drummer and do your own thing. I’m glad that you are confident enough to do that. I was a shy kid, so I’m glad that you got your out goingness from your Daddy.

We are thinking of signing you up for acting classes this fall, since you love to perform so much. Bedtime stories are a production. No more sitting back on my laurels, reading you a couple of books and kissing you goodnight. No, now we have to act our the stories. Your favorite is Little Red Riding Hood. You have an entire cast of dolls and stuffed animals for all of the roles and we act out the story. You prefer mama to act it out with you, although you laugh the entire time daddy does it. I think its cute, and its great that you use your imagination, but I will admit that sometimes I really wish I could read you a book, kiss you goodnight and tuck you in and be done. At the end of the day I don’t always have the energy to play pretend.

You also still sing EVERYTHING. You can turn anything and everything into a song. You sing with daddy, you sing with mama, you sing to Lincoln. You make up words about what we had for dinner, what we did today, and what you are doing right at that moment. Its like living in my own musical.


You also graduated into pre-k (you technically have been doing all the same work as the pre-K class for the last year, so you will get to repeat it and get extra practice this year). We have considered switching schools so that you could get a different pre-K experience but I have no idea if we will do it. I’ve looked at so many schools and none seem any better then the one you are at. Part of me thinks its just pre-school, it shouldn’t really matter and then another part of me thinks if your aren’t in a good pre-school how are you ever going to make it in to a good college (I can never tell if that part of me is completely crazy or not…)


On days that you don’t go to school, you work on your computer while your brother naps. Thank goodness for sites like, otherwise I would feel guilty about you not spending your time doing anything remotely educational. Your desk is set up right next to mine. So you work while I work.


You get plenty of playtime in as well. Our usual schedule is that we play all morning whether it is at home or out (we have been doing a lot of activities out lately! Amusement parks, the zoo, movies, inside playground, the pool and countless playdates). Did I mention that you love to play pretend? Because you love to play “family” and take care of your dolls. You love being a mama to your dolls. When I ask what you want to be when you grow up you always say “a mama”. I keep trying to explain to you that you can be a mama AND something else, but nope you just want to be a mama. I guess I must be doing something right (or maybe not since you see me work all the time maybe thats why you only want to do one thing?) .


Now that summer is here we have spent many hours at the pool, and we have the tan lines to prove it (all except your daddy). You have become a little fish… a fish that keeps her face dry (although you are working on that). You wear your puddle jumper and swim all over the place. Unfortunately your brother just wants to sit in the little pool and wash his trucks, so we split our time going back and forth between the little pool and the big pool so that you each get to do what you want.

You love the pool and will happily spend hours there. And you will happily play with anyone that is there. In fact you made a new friend there early this summer and she quickly became your new best friend. I wasn’t even at the pool when you met her, I was taking Pico to the vet and our fabulous neighbors took you to the pool. I showed up and you introduced me to your new friend and wanted to make sure I got her info so that you could continue to play together.


I realize this is part of you becoming an independent little person, you will choose many friends over the course of your life. Some will be constant, some will come and go, and others you will only know for a short time. I have friends that I have known since kindergarten, I hope that you will have a couple friends that you will some day look back and realize that you have known them practically your whole life and are like sisters to you. Some that you can call on the worst day of your life and their response is to get on a plane to be there for you. I’m proud of you for making your own friends (and I especially appreciate when your friends have fun mamas that I can hang out with).


If you are half as good of a friend as you are a big sister, then you are one hell of a friend. Because you are one fabulous big sister. You love your little brother, even though he is sooooo different from you. You love to teach him things and celebrate when he accomplishes something new. You have taught him how to take off his shoes… which is great. It  really is, but for goodness sake can’t you guys leave your shoes on in the car? What is with removing your shoes the moment we get in the car? It frustrates the heck out of me when I have to put shoes back on at every stop that we make when we run errands.

You try to rope him in to playing games with you, even though half the time he has no idea what on earth you are doing. He tries though, because he likes to make you smile.


We also traveled (another thing that I always mention, we are a traveling kind of family). We recently did a road trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. You did great the entire trip (minus the last hour and a half). I’m glad you are such a good traveler, there is a big world out there and I can’t wait to explore it with you. You are only 4 and have already been to nine states, not too bad. You have been asking to go to China for months (where do you learn about these things?) and I promise (its in writing so now I have to take you or you will hold it against me when you are a teenager) that someday we will go, not for awhile though. But someday we will make it to China.


Now that your 4 you have chores (okay you have had them for years, your old chores are now your brothers chores. But your old chores were fun, and you complain about your big kid chores being “work”), you are expected to clear your dishes off the table (and any others that are remaining at the end of the meal) and to wipe the table down. You are also suppose to clean up your room, make your bed (we do that one together),  put your clothes in your hamper, and sometimes you even undress and dress your self all by yourself. You can do it, but you don’t always want to. I’m always happy when you come out of your room fully dressed, that I don’t even care what kind of ensemble you have put together. Gone are the days of me wrestling you into clothes. You were a pain to dress when you were a baby. Ever try putting an octopus into a mesh bag? That was you. You are still like that if we try to dress you in something you don’t want to wear.

 I love you, even though you exhaust me. Everyone warns parents about the terrible twos, no one really warns you about the terrible threes and fours until you are living it. No one warned me that my almost 4 year old would sometimes act like an unmedicated crazy person. Totally normal one moment and an hysterical crazy person the next. Crust left on the toast? End of the world! What, the pink new spoon is dirty? The day is ruined! I let Lincoln push the elevator button? Do I not love you at all? But then in the middle of driving me completely insane you will stop and say “Mama, I love you”. Which makes it slightly more bearable, but just slightly.

Unofficially (I say unofficially because your dr appointment isn’t until thursday) you are 42 inches tall, which I believe is big enough  for some of the big rides at Disneyland…we will see when we go next year. 



You had your official 4 year check up and did fabulous. You had a hearing test and eye exam (you passed both fabulously).


And you are 42 1/2 inches tall and weigh in at 40 lbs.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, craziest, most  lovable, caring, exhausting 4 year old that I know!


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