Road Trip – Baton Rouge and Plantation life

July 12, 2013

Have you had enough photos yet? Because if not, your in luck this is going to be another photo heavy post of our last day of our trip.

We met up with our friends one last time for breakfast at Another Broken Egg (if your ever in Baton Rouge, I highly recommend it!). Fiona inhaled her steel cut oats, and my veggie egg white omelette was delicious. After breakfast we headed over to the LSU campus to see Mike (LSU’s tiger mascot). Since we got rained out of the zoo before seeing the cats, we figured this might be the next best thing. I think Mike’s enclosure might be more impressive then the zoo’s.


Apparently her oatmeal came with a side of sass.


When else are you going to have the chance to ride a tiger? She took advantage while she could!


The kids riding together. And of course Lincoln has to be poking her or harassing her in some way, I think he is playing with the frill on her dress. They got along great for most of the trip, so I really can’t complain. Especially considering how much time was spent in the back of the car.


Mark got to spend a ton of time with the kids this trip. Lincoln loved all the daddy time. He is such a mama’s boy but every chance he got he was in his daddy’s arms.


After visiting Mike (who slept the entire time we were there), we headed back to downtown Baton Rouge to go to the USS Kidd museum and battleship. Watch out, Lincoln is at the helm!


The kids had fun climbing around the ship, wearing the helmets, and pretending to sleep on the bunks.

The hottest part of our entire vacation was probably the 45 minutes we spent on the USS Kidd, the weather was hot and muggy and wandering around a metal ship that had been baking in the sun did not help. I was happy to escape the heat when Lincoln needed a diaper change.


For lunch we decided to head north to explore some of the plantations (can we say gorgeous?), and had lunch at Myrtle Plantation. Mimosas and squash soup, yes please!


We were going to start the trek home after lunch so we let the kids run around the plantation to burn off some energy. Of course it rained, because thats just what it did on this trip. But it wasn’t raining hard so we didn’t let it stop us from a game of tag.


Mark was able to wrestle my camera away from me so that I could have a photo of the kids and I. The land is beautiful, we decided that when we are older we should have a plantation as a second home somewhere.


Sibling love! Seriously, how sweet are these two?


Fiona being a little lady and holding up her skirt as she walked, even though its not actually long enough to reach the grass. She was channeling her inner southern belle.


“Up dada, up!” As Lincoln points to the sky. “More dada, more”, as he points to the sky again. Lincoln loves being tossed in the air, over and over and over again.


Looks like daddy was having fun too.

I think we succeeded in wearing both of them out. They were both passed out 30 minutes into the drive and Mark and I enjoyed the quiet as we wound our way through small towns on our way back to the freeway

This is a video from our last day. What is it like cooped up in a car with these two? Actually they had fun. Lincoln slept for the majority of the drive home, and there was lots of movie watching (Mater!!) and quite a bit of goofing off. Not saying it was all fabulous, there was some whining but we set our expectations pretty low so we were impressed at how well they did.


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