Vacation – Road Trip – New Orleans, part duex

July 11, 2013

Saturday dawned just as gray as the day before. But luckily it was dryer, it just threatened to rain on us.

Before heading back to New Orleans Mark wanted to drive through the town that he grew up (at least until age 7 when he moved back to England) since we were so close. So we made a slight detour and headed to Mississippi! (And I will warn you now this is another photo heavy post).


Yes I totally made Mark stop for proof that we went to another state (and of course we also had to stop on the way back for the Louisiana one as well, since we originally crossed into Louisiana after dark).

Mark drove around the town where he grew  up, and drove us past the house he lived in as well. He turned in to the driveway to make a u-turn and the (incredibly nice) owner came out to ask if we were lost, Mark explained that he used to live there when he was a little boy and the guy invited us in to see the house. Mark enjoyed his trip down memory lane and I got to see the house where he was a little boy.


There is Lincoln with his Cars book. He either wanted to be reading his book, or watching Mater Tales on my tablet. The boy is obsessed.


Once back in New Orleans the first thing the kids wanted to do was ride a street car. I bought them toy trolley when I was in San Francisco last month and they wanted to ride on a real one! Mark and the kids goofed around while we were waiting.


Of course Pink had to come on the trip with us.

We rode the street car one stop, just so that the kids could ride it. So basically we rode it about 200 yards, but they loved it. And people were really sweet and one got up so that both kids could squeeze into a seat together.


They spent the ride staring around with wide eyed excitement.

incoln found a puddle to splash in, and took full advantage. Stood there in the alley way stomping his feet to his hearts content.

All around the city we saw street performers who had painted themselves to look like statues. Some were so good that you really thought they were statues. So Fiona really didn’t trust any of the statues, she wasn’t sure if they were real people or not. “Can I touch it mama?”. “Yes, its just a statue”. “Not a real person?”.

Lincoln just wanted the excuse to climb up and play with the water in the fountain.


A trip to New Orleans is not complete without a stop at Cafe Du Monde. Especially since it was the kids and my first time to New Orleans.


Mmmm…. sugary goodness.

See that tear? That was because mama had a beignet and Fiona wanted the plate to herself. Im sure she could have eaten them all too!


I think Lincoln liked them…

The lone photo of me in New Orleans. I guess I was a camera hog that day, oops!

A great thing about New Orleans is drinks to go. You can’t leave New Orleans with out having a hurricane, and we weren’t going to take the kids to a bar, so we stopped at a bar in the middle of a plaza and got one to go. Best use of the cup holder on the stroller ever!


After we had our fill of sugar (or at least all that mama was going to allow) we headed to the French Market to do some shopping. There are lots of random photos from the market, I love how different cities have different design tastes. The French Market reminded me of other markets I have been to around the country; Pikes Place in Seattle, the Ferry Building in San Francisco, the farmer markets in New York, but the colors and designs were unique to New Orleans.




Look vegan food in New Orleans. Sadly I was still too full of beignets to try some.



The kids were however not too full, and required a snack. We found some fresh fruit cups, yay more watermelon!



Mark stopped to buy some mardi gras masks to use later at the studio, and he bought each of the kids a stuffed alligator. This is Lincoln’s alligator face.

iona couldn’t decide which alligator she wanted and kept swapping with Lincoln.

Both kids were getting tired of walking so they took turns in the stroller. It was Fiona’s turn in the stroller so Lincoln was getting a ride from Mark. I love how Lincoln’s alligator was trying to eat Mark.




We wandered around the french quarter for awhile, eventually putting both kids in the stroller (why didn’t we do that before? Oh yeah, because every few minutes we would have to tell Lincoln to stop playing with his sisters hair. The temptation was too strong for him to leave it alone).




The city is beautiful and I loved wandering around the french quarter. It was also dirty, and gross, but every once in awhile we would come across an empty street and we could enjoy the ornate beauty that is New Orleans.

By about 3pm the kids were pooped, so we got back in the car and headed back to Baton Rouge to have dinner with Byron and LaDawn (who had spent the day moving).




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  1. So awesome to expose your children to traveling at their ages! My memories of those first trips have never faded! You might also enjoy my 90-day road trip following the entire Mississippi River from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf (90 days because that is how long it takes a single drop of water to make that trip). I followed my raindrop, met amazing people and had crazy, serendipitous experiences! Check out “Surrendering to Serendipity” at Thanks – and keep writing!

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