Vacation – Road Trip – New Orleans

July 10, 2013

On Friday we got up and got ready to head to New Orleans. We cleaned up and repacked while Lincoln ran around after the cats. Then we made the 2 hour drive to New Orleans. Our first stop was Audubon zoo. It rained off and on en-route to New Orleans and when we pulled up it was drizzling. We were hoping the rain would hold off for a little while so that we could see some animals. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-1 We did get to see SOME animals before the rain hit. We watched the flamingos and got through the Asian animal area before it started to rain again. We wandered around looking at the primates while the skies opened up. We were woefully unprepared for rain on our trip and thought we might hide out in the reptile house while it rained…however while the reptiles were inside the viewing area wasn’t. We ended up taking refuge in the Sea Lion theater during the worst of the storm. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-3 While we debated waiting out the storm or just making a break for the car we at least had fun watching the Sea Lions. As soon as the storm lightened (so that we could see more then 20 feet in front of us) we made for the car. The rest of the afternoon was spent happily (and dry!) at the aquarium. The kids loved the aquarium. We spent hours looking at fish, penguins, otters, sharks, rays, turtle, etc. Their favorite part is the tunnel that goes through the tank. Lincoln excitedly pointed out all the “ish!”. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-5 After burning off all of their energy at the aquarium we went in search of food. We wandered the French Quarter and found a quaint little hole in the wall. By this time Lincoln had passed out in the stroller. So Fiona got a head start on pancakes while he finished his nap. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-6 We took the long way back to the car, so that we could stop for dessert. I had seen Mister Apple on the way to dinner and I wanted a chocolatey snack! 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-7 They had a ton of candy/caramel covered apples to choose from. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-9 But Fiona is a girl after my own heart and went straight for the chocolate case. I got a peanut cluster with caramel and chocolate, Mark opted for a praline (which he said wasn’t that good), and the kids chose chocolate covered marshmallows. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-12 They got to split a marshmallow kabob (2 marshmallows each). Fiona loved hers. 2013-July-4th-road-trip-day2-14 Lincoln spent 15 minutes licking his before we finally took the melted chocolatey gooeyness away from him. But he enjoyed it while he had it!

While we were planning the trip we didn’t book hotels because we weren’t sure where we would be each night. So we still had to find a hotel for the evening. Little did we know there was a Essence Music Festival going on while we were there and there were no rooms to be had. So we ended up driving out of the city to Slidell before we found a hotel. Which worked out well. Mark has a cousin that lives there and he got to meet up with her for drinks while I wrestled the kids into bed. We let Lincoln and Fiona share a bed and they spent the first hour giggling with each other. The next hour separated before they finally passed out.

Day two was just as action packed (albeit different action) as day one. Even though there was far less photos due to the rain (don’t worry, I make up for it over the next couple of days!).


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