Corbin – 8 Months

June 26, 2013

I got to shoot this little cuties 4 month shots and his family Christmas photos, and recently (okay 3 months ago) I got to shoot his 8 month photos.


We headed out to the Wildflower Center and wandered around a bit to find some places for him to explore.


We found this fabulous door over by the Butterfly house and plopped him down. It is crazy how blue his eyes are, and I love the way they pop against the door.


This kid has so many facial expressions. This was his “what the heck is the crazy woman who is my mom, doing?”


And this was his “Weee! They let me play with dirt, this is awesome!!”


And his look of concentration as he balances precariously on a ledge. And by ledge I mean a 2 foot drop,  and by precarious I mean his mom was less then a foot away just hovering out of view. But the kid is trying to work it.

Happy (belated) 8 months Corbin!


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