Mothers Day

June 24, 2013

On Mother’s Day we headed to a park to enjoy a picnic with the kids and the dogs. A day spent with the entire family (mama, daddy, both kids, AND both dogs) is rare. Unless its a home, then it is often. But I wanted a day of play, so we packed up a lunch and headed to the park.


The kids got to play on the multiple playgrounds. I love that Fiona is figuring out how to use the monkey bars (even though I broke my arm playing on them when I was little) its a rite of passage for kids.


Ahhh, the torch has been passed. Now when we take the dogs on walks I don’t have to walk the dogs by myself anymore. The kids fight over who walks who. And if I try to leave the house without Lincoln walking one of them he sits down and cries “doggy, doggy, doggy”. I usually try to have Fiona walk Pico just because she is bigger and more steady, but it doesn’t always work out that way (even if we start the walk with Fiona walking Pick and Lincoln walking Tibi they will trade).


I love this goofy girl! We had so much fun that day wandering around, playing and searching for bugs.


I love how they will head off together to go play… or more accurately that Lincoln follows his big sister as she heads off to play. Either way they headed off to explore together.


Fiona taught Lincoln how to look for bugs. As Mark and Fiona headed off toward the playground, I followed behind with Lincoln as he hunted for bugs. a 5 minute walk turned into 15.


He didn’t find many bugs… but he did find his belly button! I guess I should be happy that he wasn’t putting bugs in his belly button.


Since Mark was along I handed over my camera (occasionally) so that he could take some pictures with me in them. I love this one of me and the pups. Pico is a good dog, he may not put up with wearing tutus or superhero capes but he stays right near me and helps watch over the kids.



Lincoln and I walking ahead. It was a rare time that he wanted daddy, probably because daddy was taking a picture of mama.

It was a great day. And the best part was that I changed 1 diaper that day. That might have been a better present then my fabulous new shoes.


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