June 21, 2013

A few weeks ago we headed out to the Austin Zoo. It was a very exciting trip, it was one of the first outing we have done where I didn’t bring a stroller/carrier/wagon of some sort (the wildflower center was the first). Sigh… my little boy is growing up. He likes to chase after the big kids and tries his hardest to keep up. And yes sometimes I still have t o hold him, but I hold him less and less when we are out and about.


He enjoys his freedom from the stroller and gets up close to the animal areas to check everything out. I am usually rewarded with a really long nap, so most of the time I will take the added stress that comes with watching them both run around for the pay off of extra quiet time.


We met a friend and her son at the zoo. Fiona got a buddy to run around with and I got grown up conversation. It was a win for everyone.


Is it just me, or does this expression look like he can’t be trusted? Like he just did something wrong and really enjoyed it. I think he was just really excited to be able to feed the animals, he usually gets yelled at for doing that at home. So maybe he did think he was getting away with something…


Fiona isn’t quite as excited as she use to be about feeding the goats.


But she was excited to hang out with her friend Brandon. I love watching the interactions between her and her friends. They have real conversations (albeit sometimes strange ones), make real connections, and share with each other.


A trip to the zoo is never complete without a train ride. Lincoln was really excited about the train.


Fiona originally wanted to sit in a row by herself, but right before the train left the station she changed her mind and jumped back into the row with Lincoln and I. I had my arm around both of the so that I could keep a hold of Lincoln, but Fiona told me that she would do it. And she rode the entire time with her arm around him keeping him safe.


He would excitedly point things out, and Fiona would tell him what everything was.


The woman in front of us saw me holding out my camera to take photos (of Lincoln and Fiona), and asked if I wanted her to take one of all of us. I of course said yes… proof that I was there!


We visited the reptile house before we left (snakes! lizards!) and the kids took a quick break on the steps. Fiona was goofing off and was pretending to sleep on Lincoln. This was the only photo with her eyes awake. I hope with all my heart that they stay like this (I know they wont, but a mama can hope!).


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