June 19, 2013

A friends kid came over a couple of months ago to play one morning. I love it when he comes to play, he is super sweet and just about Lincoln’s age. Lincoln rarely gets to have a little playmate over.


I snapped this photo of Ethan while the kids were playing, and after seeing it his mama decided she needed photos of the two of them together.

So we headed off when evening to St Edwards (the mom Alma Mater) to take some photos.


St Edwards has some really pretty spots, like this amazing red door.


And I loved all the stairs.


Little kids are so cute climbing stairs.


We got there right before sunset, so some spots were already full of shadows but others had that fabulous end of day light.


I love when people goof off and are a little more real in front of the camera, its not your usual posed look, but it shows just how much that little boy loves his mama.


And what us mama’s put up with from our kids. Mama’s make the best pillows.



Ethan stole his mama’s phone and ran around with it. The joys of childhood, when an imaginary phone conversation is the best part of the day.


I am so far behind on posts, I have been so busy and struggling with maintaining a work/life balance.. So everything else is kind of falling aside. The laundry pile downstairs may be taller then me at this point. Now that summer is here work will start to slow down a little, so hopefully I will post more frequently. Although at the moment we are spending a lot of time at the pool, so expect many kids in floaty photos and my kids will get progressively more tan as the summer goes on.


2 Responses to “Ethan”

  1. Great shots here! You have truly captured the emotion of this small child.

  2. those pictures are beautiful. and that baby is gorgeous.

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