Dance Recital, A First

May 14, 2013

Fiona’s first dance recital was this last weekend. I don’t think I have ever been more proud of her then I was when she got up there and danced… in front of a huge crowd. We had been practicing all week (admittedly we mostly practiced her ballet and tap routines… this is important later). And she would whine about having to practice everyday (a whole 8 minutes). I knelt down to her level and explained that I didn’t care how she did at her recital, but that I wanted her to try and to be prepared. I knew she would feel more confident if she knew what she was doing.


She was really excited about the recital on Saturday, she wanted to make sure I had everything, including the special new ribbon we bought for her hair (that matched her friend). Her teacher had the skirts made and they were waiting “backstage” when we got to the recital.


How adorable are a bunch of 3 year old lined up in matching tutu’s?


The first routine was the ballet routine. One which she knew fairly well. For the most part she followed along to the routine (that is until another girl tried to take her dot in the line and then we watched 4 little girls argue over who’s spot was who’s. It was hilarious.


There were parts of the routine that she really liked. The “no. no, no” part and when they threw a fit on the floor (on their backs kicking their legs), she thought those parts were funny, so she did those with gusto.


The next routine was jazz. Its the one they didn’t practice as much in class and the one that the teacher uploaded late to YouTube, so we didn’t practice it as much as we should have. So for this dance, Fiona decided to improvise and just started twirling her way across the dance floor.

Her teacher had mentioned in the last class that most kids were intimated by the crowd and would try really hard to follow along. That however was not the case with Fiona.

The video is from her jazz routine. I cried all the way through the routine, both from pride and laughter, but mostly laughter. Thanks so much to my nephew for capturing this on his phone.

The girl has some serious spunk, and is not afraid to show it. If she felt like twirling, she was going to twirl. What you can’t hear in the video is her singing along with the words, loud enough for me to hear over the music.


The last routine was her tap routine. Look at her face, and how happy she was. She LOVED it. And I was so unbelievably proud of her. Her teacher was as well. Fiona’s first dance class she was shy and sat in my lap, and for her recital she danced her little heart out (not always doing what everyone else was…) and she had fun. Which was the important part; that she tried and that she had fun.

I put her to bed after the recital and we laid in her bad chatting. She loves to end the day asking what my favorite part was, and that night I told her it was watching her dance and how proud I was of her. I was proud that she tried, that she didn’t give up and that she had fun. My little girl is growing up.


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