Wildflower Center

May 9, 2013

We went to the wildflower center the other day in search of outside playtime and some bluebonnets. Bluebonnets haven’t been as plentiful this year as they were last year, and I haven’t seen accessible giant fields of them. I had a photo in my head that I wanted to get of Lincoln, and I was hoping to find something that would work.


These two holding hands makes my heart hurt. So.Much.Love. And they often hold hands, and no I don;t have to ask. They hold hands on the way into school, and Fiona’s teachers think its adorable and often ask if they always hold hands. Yes, yes they do. They hold hands walking, they hold hands in the car. Fiona leads him around, and Lincoln follows. No idea how long it will last, but I will take it while I can get it!


We met a friend and her kids there. 5 kids ranging from 5-1 (5, 3, 3, 2, and 1). There were frogs in the pond, and its always a favorite stopping point.


Lincoln liked the frogs, and wanted to get a closer look. I really hope he isn’t the type of boy to bring toads into the house (certain times of the year after rain storms our neighborhood is swarming with toads). Pico has a bad habit of licking toads and then foaming at the mouth…gross!


This was it. The photo I had in mind. Lincoln often walks around with his hands behind his back, he learned it from watching his gang gang (grandpa), and in this picture he is like a mini version of his gang gang. So stinkin cute. I’m so glad Lincoln cooperated and I was able to get the shot I wanted. Majority of time when I have a shot in mind with the kids I never get it. They are not the most cooperative when it comes to photos, probably because I am always taking them.


Why Hello, handsome.


This kid cracks me up.


Here are all of the kids, and I just noticed that they arranged themselves by age. The oldest (obviously) is on the left. Lincoln looks so small since he is on the bench, but he is not all that smaller then Pepper (the little blond girl).


Lincoln is obsessed with flowers lately. He can not resist picking them. Sometimes he brings them to me, sometimes he walks around smelling them, and sometimes he eats them (what? He isn’t ALWAYS sweet). So he was in heaven at the wildflower center; flowers everywhere!


Since he is the smallest he couldn’t keep up with the big kids. He tried, but most of the time Lincoln and I lagged behind (which is why the majority of photos are of Lincoln).


There is an amazing swing area at the wildflower center. One of the volunteers told us about the swings and the kids wanted to go. What that kind volunteer didn’t tell us was that it was about a mile walk out to the swings, with a tired Lincoln and 4 other kids constantly asking “are we there yet?”. We figured it would be typical playground type swings, but boy were we wrong. There were playground type swings, along with baby swings, chairs, benches, and even some round swings with one rope. All the swings were wood and all were tied to giant trees. The swings were well worth the walk… maybe not worth the walk back (Im pretty sure both Meaghann and I were sore the next day from carrying kids).


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