Only in Austin

May 7, 2013

The other day we went to wiener dog races, you read that correctly. Sure some places have horse races, or gray hounds, here in Austin (well Buda) they like to race wiener dogs. And I can pretty much guarantee that wiener dog races are far more entertaining.


We went on saturday, which is when the amateurs race. Which means that pretty much anyone with a dachshund can sign them up to race. We had lots of fun guessing which ones would ever make it to the finish line. As you can see from the photo some took the race seriously and others didn’t seem to realize there was a race. How can you not love a dog race when half the participants run around in circles at the start line?


There were hundreds of wiener dogs wandering around the races/festival (oh did I not mention it was a festival as well? Many booths dedicated to the beloved dachshund, a kid area, and a food area and a bbq cook off).


Many were dressed for the occasion.


We went with our neighbors (who really should be nominated for best neighbors ever award). Our kids adore these people. Lincoln says lots of words, but very rarely does he call people something. I’m mama, Mark is finally starting to get called dada regularly, but that about it. Except for Bot (aka Scott), Lincoln will run across the yard yelling “Bot!!” everytime he sees or hears him.


The local fire department was there. So of course Lincoln had to check out the truck (I swear he wears other shoes then just his rain boots, but it had rained the night before and it was muddy).


There was a kids area. They played on the playground, “fished”, Fiona got to bounce in a bounce house, and Lincoln rode a “train” (one of those barrel trains that has regular wheels), and they both got balloon dachshunds. Lincolns lasted about 4 minutes before parts were popped, and about 15 minutes before the whole thing was gone. Fiona’s fared better and at least made it to her grandparents house.

Lincoln eventually got tired of walking, so we all took turns carrying him, This is his preferred method of being carried. When I carry him he likes to rest his chin on the top of my head. Its so cute, and I’m the only one he does it too. 


If you wonder why there has been less Fiona photos lately its because when I raise my camera I often get that face and told “no photos!”. So she was there, she had a blast. And there is her dachshund. Our little dog is part dachshund (and part boxer/shar pei. Ya, I know), and Fiona and I tried to talk Mark in to letting us bring her she would have been the biggest dachshund there!


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