Easter – Part 2

May 2, 2013

On Easter morning Fiona woke up bright and early, however Lincoln was still snoozing from the excitement of the previous day. Fiona is older and understands holidays a bit more then Lincoln, so she and I headed downstairs to get breakfast and to see if the Easter bunny left her anything.


The Easter Bunny (EB) had filled their baskets (you will notice that EB doens’t leave candy in the basket, a couple small toys – play ice cream cones for Fiona and a bath monkey and matchbox car for Lincoln, water bottles, and some kid friendly cooking utensils, and book for each of them) and hidden eggs in the yard and left a note in their egg hunting baskets with instructions as to how the egg hunt would work:


I guess the Easter Bunny wanted to make sure Lincoln got some eggs, very nice of the Easter Bunny 🙂


Fiona dug into her basket while waiting for Lincoln to wake up. She was very excited about the addition of new felt food for her play kitchen. Cookies and ice cream cones!


Lincoln eventually rolled out of bed and was stoked with his new kitchen tools. That boy can not wait to help me bake!


Look at that grin. A basket of goodies all for him.


They headed outside to hunt the eggs. I didn’t take many photos, since I was holding Lincoln’s hand and helping him find his blue and yellow eggs. When Fiona found one of Lincolns she would yell and bring it over. The kids also got a new bubble machine for Easter (that was from mommy and daddy, and really it was just an excuse to buy a bubble machine since the last one had broke).


They sat down together to examine their loot. The Easter Bunny is very sensible and left mostly goldfish, yogurt covered raisins, Annie’s fruit snacks and few coveted chocolate/peanut butter bunnies.


They were both eager to dig into their loot, and as you will notice from the blurry blob in the front of the photo that the dogs were eager for the kids to dig into their loot as well. They were hoping the kids would share.


Fiona was so excited and proud of how many eggs she found.


Daddy helped them open up some of their snacks.


My handsome little guy. I can’t believe he wore those frog eyes for as long as he did. And yes I know they are askew, but I also know if I had touched them then he would have noticed he was wearing them and ditched them.


Which he did soon anyway, when he thought Pico should wear them. Thats right Pico, earn those goldfish that you were stealing from the kids. You want snacksies? Be a frog pico.


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