Easter – Part 1

May 1, 2013

Yes Easter, as in the holiday that was a month ago. As you can see I am totally on top of my photo editing and posting.

This year our lucky kids got 3 (yes 3!) egg hunts. By the third Lincoln was finally getting the hang of it. But his first hunt was the day before Easter at the local YMCA. Earlier that week Lincoln had gone to Cost plus with me to pick out egg hunting baskets (they have little baskets that the easter bunny fills with goodies, but those are too small to collect eggs). Lincoln was very excited about his basket, even though he had no idea what to do with it.


He carried (and by carry, I mean drag around because the basket is half the size he is) it all around the store, and insisted on carrying it as soon as we got to the Y. For once we managed to get somewhere early, so the kids had plenty of time to wander around before the hunt.

The hunt was separated into different age groups, so the kids were separated. I went with Lincoln and Mark went to wait with Fiona (Lincoln’s age group went first). All the kids impatiently waited until the horn was blown and then they rushed the field. In Lincolns age group that meant that this kids all moved forward picked up an egg or candy and were done. Lincoln didn’t want to move on, he found candy, he wanted candy. I “helped” him pick up a few eggs and then we called it quits and went to join Fiona.


Fiona knows what an Easter egg hunt is all about, so she was ready. Look at that look of determination! She knew what she wanted; pink eggs and certain candy. She passed up everything else (much to her fathers frustration,  “here is an egg”, “no, I don’t want that one”). Lincoln also picked up a couple of things, they had little stuffed animals in the big kid egg hunt.


But mostly he was busy eating the candy he so determinedly had picked up. He had single minded focus. He picked a gummy ring, he wanted to eat that gummy ring.


I think this was right before Fiona’s egg hunt, you can see she is still distracted and plotting her strategy for candy gathering.


Mark snapped a photo of Fiona and I after the egg hunt, after she had scored her favorite candy (smarties).


Once they were done, we headed off to check out the rest of the activities (with baskets slung over their shoulders).


There was a fire truck which both kids loved. But Lincoln is very into firetrucks (okay any trucks… okay, anything with wheels. He isn’t discriminatory).


He was a hit with his fire truck boots. The fireman thought he was adorable (I agree, Lincoln is adorable).


There was also a petting zoo area. Goats, sheep, bunnies and baby chicks. Fiona loved the bunnies, and even got to hold a chick.

They checked out the bounce house and Fiona stood in line for 2 slides (didn’t go on them, but wanted to stand in line for the chance to change her mind). We ran into a friend of mine (and of Fiona’s), so we followed the kids kids around while they ran around and played. Much fun was had, and Lincoln (who poor guy was still sick with ear infections) went home and promptly passed out (which is a sign of a very successful and fun morning).

More easter photos tomorrow…


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