April 26, 2013

I realized the other day that I have been back from Canada for a couple months, the project has officially wrapped up, and I forgot to post photos. Which I should do before I leave on another trip in just a couple of weeks.

Unlike most work trips, I actually had a little time to wander around and see a bit of Vancouver. Not much, but at least a few miles around where I was staying and the convention center. From what I saw, Vancouver is a beautiful city. I look forward to returning someday, preferably when its warmer…


I loved all the art around Vancouver. There were sculptures, fountains, murals, even the benches were pretty. I love when a city embraces art, it makes a walk to starbucks more of an experience versus just getting a cup of coffee.


I spent the majority of my time at the convention center, which is right on the water. It had stunning views. One of the rooms on the top floor had one wall of windows. I’m glad I didn’t have to attend a presentation in that room, I’m  pretty sure I would have spent the entire time looking out the window trying to spot a whale.


This is part of the Olympic torch, which was lit for one of the nights I was there. Unfortunately I was locked away frantically trying to finish last minute edits so I didn’t get to see… but I saw video, which sorta counts, right?


The plaque describing this sculpture talked about how it was inspired from the rain… that always seemed to be falling. It seemed appropriate that it was raining when I took the photo as well.


See, even the benches were pretty.



These were murals painted on electrical boxes around the city. Love how it took an ordinary object and made it a showcase for art.


There was so hidden graffiti art as well. This was right outside a restaurant we ate at one night.


Canada is so close to the United States that sometimes I forgot that I was traveling to a foreign country.Example; I forgot to let any of my credit card companies know that I would be leaving the country. I also forgot to update my phone plan for international travel. So I landed and realized I had no money and no phone. Oops.

But architecturally I was reminded that I was no longer in the United States. Cobblestone streets (in certain areas) and building styles reminded me of Europe.


I realize this may be a very strange thing to miss about no longer living close to the ocean, there are no sea gulls in Austin. They are annoying birds that will happily steal your sandwich if you look away for a moment. And yet for some reason I still miss them. Maybe I just need to watch Finding Nemo again and get a sea gull fix “Mine, mine, mine”.


There was a lot of construction going on in the area that we stayed in, old buildings getting face lifts right next to modern sleek high rises.


This might be my favorite photo from my trip. I loved the steam clock. No its not very old (barely older then me), but it was put there to take advantage of a steam vent. So it really does run on steam. I really enjoying reading steam punk right now (I was reading Etiquette and Espionage  –  Finishing School, while I was there). I walked by this clock many times, both during the day and at night. And I think nighttime was my favorite. It was cold, and you could easily see the steam pouring from the top. And you could hear it chime the quarter hour for blocks.

I will most likely be heading back to Vancouver next year for the same event, and I am looking forward to it. The food was amazing (and coming from someone that lives in Austin, that’s saying something!). Hopefully I will have more time to explore and experience a little more of the city.


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