Little Miss Claire – 2 Months

March 26, 2013

Somehow 2 months sped by and I barely got to see my friends and a certain little newborn. Its hard to balance work, parenthood, me, and a social life. So to make sure I got to see my friend and her baby we scheduled a photo shoot. Im so glad my friends will occasionally let me harass their children, because the conversation went something like this “What??? Claire is 2 months old already? How did that happen? I need to come by and take pictures… and of course visit with you”


So one day after spin class, Lincoln and I stopped by to visit. Lincoln spent most of the visit eating his lunch and playing with cars. While I got to hang out with this adorable little girl. Her “baby blues” kill me, seriously look at those eyes!


Its pretty tiring being that cute. Personally I think little Claire looks just like her Mama… at least for now. I wonder if her hair will stay reddish or if it will change to blonde like her brothers.


Seriously, her coloring is stunning. Red hair and blue eyes = gorgeous.


She is such a sweet baby. And the shoot/visit was going great… right up until this point that is. Lincoln started to get jealous that his mama was paying attention to another baby (how dare I!). He had finished most of his snack and it was no longer keeping him occupied. Hannah tried to hold him, but he was doing this rather pathetic attempt to throw himself out of her arms and at me. Sweet, but a wee bit dramatic. We had hung out for awhile and it was getting close to naptime so we were in the process of wrapping up… when Hannah came across an adorable hat that we just hat to shoot Claire in (and by we, I really mean me).


Claire went ahead and got started on her nap. I got myself into the most awkward position imaginable while holding a clingy toddler and proceeded to take a few more shots. But that hat! And those cheeks! So stinkin cute. Happy 2 months Claire!


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