Little Miss Claire

March 22, 2013

You know the baby shower I posted the other day, well here is the baby just a few days after she made her big entrance.



I was so happy that she waited until after we got back from vacation to make her appearance, so I got to see her the day after she was born.


I spent most of my visit snuggling this gorgeous little girl and chatting with the very tired parents of now two kids; one toddler and a newborn.


The newborn phase passes so quick in a blur of sleeplessness. After my visit I headed home to my 15 month old and thought “good god, your huge! What happened to my baby??”. I miss the newborn days, the milky smell of their little heads, the softness of their fluffy hair.



So glad my friends are having babies so that I can snuggle them and then go home to my kids who tell me “They love me this much (arms stretched as wide as they can reach)”. I may love the newborn phase, but that doesn’t mean I want to live through it again!

Welcome little Miss Claire! Welcome to a family that loves you, and to friends of that family who might snuggle you and squeeze your cheeks occasionally.



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