Lincoln 18 months

March 19, 2013

547 days,  78 weeks, 18 months, a year and a half. No matter how you say it you are officially a toddler. Shortly after mastering toddling and walking you went straight to running. You have an adorable little run that cracks me up every time I see it. And your running usually comes with a sound effect, you run and say “aaaahhhh” as you wave your hands.


Your new found freedom that walking brought you has lead to all other ways you can assert your independence. Like snacking. you bring me snacks. You learned early that I keep a snack box in the pantry with Mommy approved snacks. But that does not mean that the moment I get you out of your highchair (from finishing a meal!) that I want you to head straight for the snack box. I recently added a version of the box to the refrigerator and within hours you realized what that box holds and you now have a second place that you go rummaging for snacks to bring me. You also think you can brush your own teeth and hair and try to take the brush away from me every chance you get to show me how its done.


You have learned quite a few of your body parts (you don’t say the words yet, but you will point to them and show me). You sometimes like to show me your belly just because, I joke that your trying to show me its empty (because normally you bring me a snack and then show me your belly). You also know where your nose and toes are… why yes we do have a body parts rhyming book, how did you guess? Your mouth and tongue; which you also love to show people. It only gets awkward when you want to see other peoples body parts… “I showed you my tongue, where’s yours?” (as you poke my mouth), or “here is my belly, where’s your?” (as you try to lift up my – and other peoples – shirts.


But when you flash a grin like that, most people (at least that know you) are willing to show you their bellies. This grin lights up my day. How can I possibly have a bad day when you smile at me like this? I don’t get grins like this all the time, but I see it often enough. Because even though you now through tantrums you have managed to keep your sense of humor and find so many things funny. Your sister falling asleep in the car; hilarious! Mama playing peek a boo by throwing a blanket over your head; giggle inducing. Running and tackling mommy with a hug; hysterical! I love that you giggle, and I love that it is the same giggle that I remember from when you were a baby. You remember those tantrums that I mentioned… well you may not find those funny, but mommy does. They are mild for now, you will run and fling your self on to the floor and lay flat like a starfish. I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish, but you look ridiculous. I try not to laugh…but Im not always successful.


You play so much more now, more involved play that is. You play in your kitchen and actually use it as a kitchen. You still can destroy the playroom in about 30 seconds (seriously, how do you do that??), but at least the toys are being somewhat used as they were designed. Fiona is very excited about this development and tries to drag you into her games. You try to follow along, but you don’t quite get it yet. The other day Fiona and I were pretending to make the car fly, so I rolled our windows down and we flapped our arms (yes our neighbors probably think Im nuts, but you guys had fun), and you kept grunting and pointing at your window. So I rolled yours down too. Your hand wont even reach the window but you waved your hand around like the rest of us and were so proud of your self. Fiona was proud of you too “look! Lincoln is helping us fly!”.

You by the way are one lucky little brother. You have an amazing older sister that adores you. She gets so excited when you learn something new and she cheers you on.


With your sister boxes become cars to push around the house. You hop in and “vroom” along with her. One day while Fiona was at school I plopped you in a box and you entertained yourself for quite awhile. It helped that you had snacks, and a tibi to toss them to. YOu would toss out a cheerio then duck back into the box giggling.


You think its hilarious to feed the dogs. The best way to keep you quiet when mama has a client call is to give you a cup of cheerios and let you feed tibi. You love watching that dog run all over the place just for a cheerio. You like Pico too (probably more then your sister did at this age). I will sometimes find you curled up against pico just laying with him.


You also discovered that other animals are equally fun to feed when we went to the zoo. You got to feed goats, dear and llamas.


You have finally come over to the dark side and realized that getting dirty isn’t all bad. I introduced you to real finger paint awhile ago (before this you got to use the vegetable dye that was safe to eat, now you have moved on to crayola). The first time it took you a good 45 minutes to not cry when you touched the paint. It took a paint covered Fiona covering you in handprints for you to be okay with it. Then you started having fun. So the next time I gave you some paint, you went right to body art. I quickly had to strip you so that you wouldn’t ruin your shirt.


You even help me in the garden, yes with actual dirt. I had to buy you your own gardening tools so that you would stop stealing mine. So now you go around threatening to unplant things and wave your spade at all the plants.


The weather is starting to improve, so we are spending more time outside. You love the trampoline, your sister and you spend hours in there. You also discovered the hose and love to get sprayed with it, you stand next to me waving your hands in the water splashing yourself.


You love books. We finally bought you a bookshelf and got all your books on it so that you can see them. You have favorites, and you love to be able to pick your own books out at story time. I tell you to go pick a book and you race off to your room to find your favorite. Currently that is a Yummy Yucky (both words you have mastered recently), before that it was the Binky book, and Hello Boston. You ask me to read your favorite multiple times a day. I often catch you in your (or your sisters room) “reading” the books to yourself. Sometimes you look through and point out the words you know, I will hear “ball” or “vroom” as you turn the pages.

Speaking of words that you know; your vocabulary is increasing. You are up to 27 words. You know animal sounds; bzzz (for bee), quack, woof, hoot, grrr, and roar. Names of some of your favorite people; mama, dada and Bot (scott). Favorite things; moon, balloon, ball, vroom, bubble, banana, cheese, dog, truck and duck. And other random words; hi, bye (both of which you excitedly yell at people when they come or go), blow, yumm, yucky, wow, please and mine (one you use when you are trying to keep something from your sister. You hold what ever it is close to you and say “mine!”).


You have changed so much in the last 3 months and have started to become a person with your own opinions and you are learning how to express those opinions.


You also have become clingy and want to know that your mama is around and there for you (your daddy too, but mostly your mama). You get jealous if I spend too much time doing something that doesn’t involve you, and sometimes you attach your self to me like a little monkey and cling to my neck. Its cute, but Im hoping its a phase that doesn’t last too long. You were clingy at your doctor appointment today. You were allowed your binky because you were getting shots, but you still didn’t want out of mama’s arms.


You may have changed in the last 3 months but it has been more developmentally then physically growing. Your now in the 80% for height (previously you were at 95%) and are 33 1/2 inches tall. You are slowly putting on weight and are up to 25 lbs 14 oz (75%), how are you gaining weight so slowly??? I know how much you eat, where are you putting all of your snacks? Your head circumference is 46.8 cm (25-50%, which is way bigger then your sisters when she was your age!).


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