A purple baby shower

March 14, 2013

I cohosted a baby shower months ago (ahem, I just did a 2 month photo shoot with the baby), and the mom recently asked for the photos which made me realize I never posted them, oops!

The design of the shower was based off the bedding that was going in the babies room, so our color palette was purple with small amounts of cyan and pink.


Since it was an afternoon shower we had a dessert buffet (okay, who really needs an excuse for a dessert buffet), and I designed the labels to match the invites.



We even tried to have all the snacks be some what related to the theme colors, especially the desserts. So I hunted down blue, purple and pink candy (The other cohost made the fabulous diaper cake)



I dusted off my cookie decorating skills and frosted cookies. It reminded me of the cookie decorating parties one of my close friend throws in California every year. I am sad to miss them, but I had fun decorating these cookies!


We made favor boxes (can you tell that when I embrace a theme, I really embrace it?).


And we ordered a banner to hang.


We also hung tissue flowers in coordinating colors, which I didn’t take any photos of. We did have other snacks as well. My cohost left me in charge of the food, because well I love it and she knew that there would be cheeses they had never even heard of. And in this case some fruits as well.


Look purple cheese!


I dusted off the my kids pram and used it as party decor and as a place to stash the gifts.


And one final shot of the mama to be, oohing and ahhing over all the adorable girly clothes she got.


I had so much fun cohosting this shower! My co-host was fabulous and so was the mama-to-be. I will post photos soon of Little Miss Claire.


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