Fiona 42 months (or 3 1/2)

March 12, 2013

Fiona your 3 1/2, at first I thought that you hadn’t changed all that much in the last 6 months and then I went back and read you 3 year post. Oh my, how you have grown. You amaze me on a daily basis. Your still chatty, I have strange feeling that will never change, and you still sing… everything. Your brother may like to play any and every instrument he can get his hands on but you can put lyrics together like nobody else. Sometimes they rhyme, sometimes they don’t.2012-september-dress-up-2

Your imagination has reached new levels. You love to pretend that you are a character from one of your cartoons, your current favorite is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So anytime we are at a playground that has a wheel you are suddenly on a ship ready to battle Captain Hook. The other day I popped my head into your room and you had a blanket spread out with all your dolls and you were serving tea. It was straight out of a movie, you were even wearing a dress and a fancy hat.


Every chance you get you drag me in to your games. We have battled Captain Hook, drank tea, played restaurant, played store (should I be worried that you know how to use a credit card?),been fairies,  had underwater adventures and have made my car fly into the sky (the secret, make everybody flap their arms really hard to get lift off). My work schedule does not always allow me to participate but I play along when ever I can. I hope your imagination continues to grow and that I can help you have a creative out look on life.



You got to travel quite a bit in the last few months, and one thing I am very proud of is that you are an excellent little traveler. You travel better then some grown ups I know. You love to go new places and I was very excited to show you some of my favorite places in California; Penelope’s Point, Half Moon Bay, Monterey; break water (where I spent a good chunk of my childhood weekends), the Aquarium (where I also spent a good amount of my childhood, especially on rainy weekend days) and Cannery Row; San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge.


Then we headed back to California again before going on to Hawaii. You loved Hawaii, the beach, the shaved ice, the beach… did I mention the beach? Now if you would just be willing to get your face wet we could head back to swim class. i still hold out hope that you will be a fish like your mama, but for now you stick to the shore.



We have halted swim classes…for now. But you do still take dance and you LOVE it. Especially since we switched classes and found a new teacher. You listen better and participate more. I can. not. wait for your upcoming dance recital. Your new class also includes tap, you can make noise with your feet! You are an individual though and dance to your own beat but at least you are including the steps your learning in class. We recently went to your first play; Good Night Moon (which technically was after you turned 3 1/2, but what ever) and your favorite part was that there was a ballerina. You were quiet and eagerly watched the play (so proud of your behavior), the only time you said anything out loud was when you squealed with delight and cried out “mama, look a real ballerina!” even the dancer cracked a small smile.



You are a social butterfly and love your friends. And you also stand up for them which makes Mama proud. Someone tried to say that one of your friends was too small to do something, and you were having none of it. You told that other kid that your friend “wasn’t small, she uses big words!”. The teachers were proud of you and I heard all about it when I picked you up that day. Ladybug girl was coming out, and ladybug girl isn’t too little!  You have branched out in your reading (don’t worry Lady bug girl is still around), but Pinkalicious has a home on your book shelf and so does Fancy Nancy. You like Fancy Nancy because she says big fancy words, which you try to use every opportunity that you get. Flowers are gorgeous, and your dolls are adorable. Your weekly reports almost always include something about you using good vocabulary. Lets hope that continues as well.



Your so grown up that some times I forget that you are only 3 1/2. Your tall, seriously tall; just over 41 inches tall (which oddly works out to just under one inch for every month old you are). You will be able to ride the big rides soon… not that you really want to, but you will be able too. And the good news is that Mama can go with you (we will ditch daddy since he doesn’t like rides). I have been making an effort to spend some one on one time with you. Its hard, but I want you to know that you are important to me, that I want to listen and be with just you sometimes. I know that you look up to me and absorb everything that I do, so I try to set a good example (I don’t always succeed, but I try!). I must be doing something right, because you want to be a mama. The other day you were talking about how you were going to be 4 on your next birthday, and then 5, and then you could have a baby in your belly (mama has too many friends having babies!). I told you that you had to be 30 for that, and you better listen kid!



You are an amazing big sister. You help your brother, you play with your brother, you hold his hand, you chase him down if he wanders off, you read to him, sing to him if he is fussy in the car (you know he likes Itsy Bitsy Spider). Seriously you are amazing with him. I love looking back in the car and seeing the two of you holding hands. It makes my heart happy. You help around the house, you have jobs now (feed your fish, clear the table and wipe it off, and help pick up all the toys before I vacuum every night). Oh yeah, you got a fish. Two actually. Which you have named Hush and Brush (Hush after the fish on the Sprouts good night show, and umm Brush because it rhymes with Hush). You got them for being a big girl and staying in your room. You have also been fully potty trained for months, you have the occasional accident if we change up your routine too much (you thrive on routine).




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