Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2013

I have so many posts to write that I actually have a list, the problem is finding the time to write them. But Im going to ignore the list for today and share Fiona’s Valentines cards. Gone are the days of me deciding what to do, Fiona has an opinion and she has known how to express it for a couple of years. So I asked her what she wanted to do for her valentines cards and she said she wanted a big heart.So I got busy drawing a heart.


Together we went to the paper store and I let her pick out paper. She found some flower paper that she loved so she wanted that for the back and she picked purple cardstock for the front side (in future I am only going to go with one paper, glueing 3 together was time consuming, and I don’t think it needed 3 layers. But I like a good thick card). She also picked out some sparkly bejeweled stickers to embellish her cards. Then we went to target to pick out pencils to go with the cards, I figured I could have the heart hold the pencil. I don’t do candy, I just don’t think every holiday needs to come with sugar. So Fiona picked out some heart pencils (are we sensing a theme here?). I cut and assembled the cards and Fiona decorated them. She had to make 25 valentines and I was impressed that she had the patience to decorate them all (I figured having her assemble them was pushing my luck).


In the end she was very happy with them. So it was a good collaborative effort. Her class is having a tea party (which I have to leave for in 45 minutes), so I volunteered to bake some cookies for it (I know, I know, what was I thinking?). Going with the theme of no candy, I tried to find a healthier cookie recipe. I ended up going with a cherry/orange cookie (which was vegan, nut free, and even low fat. And they even taste good! They are Mark approved). Yesterday was one of those rare days that I felt like I got the whole working mom thing down. I finished valentine cards, I baked 3 dozen cookies, I got my work done, and we even went out to dinner with friends. Its a rare day when the stars align and I feel like “I got this”.

Now I am off to put on my yellow dress (Fiona picked it out), and a tiara and join my little princess at her school for a valentines tea party. Im pretty sure it is going to be the highlight of my week.




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