100 Things

February 5, 2013

I often talk about a life list and checking things off said life list. Years ago after Penelope died I was in desperate need of something to look forward to. Anything at all. I was in a dark place and trying to drag myself back into the light, but I didn’t have a reason. Our dreams had just been shattered and we were trying to put things back together when I came across a blogger who was working on a Life List: http://mightygirl.com/mighty-life-list/. That blogger has since grown the idea and launched a whole website dedicated to accomplishing things on your life list: http://gomighty.com/.

This concept resonated with me. 100 things I wanted to do before I go. Could I think of 100 things that I wanted to do? It took me a week, a week of thinking, jotting things down, and chatting with friends for ideas. But at the end I had a list.

Some obviously were related to having a living child; 16. Listen to the sweet sound of my baby crying, and know that it means everything is okay. The day I crossed number 16 off was one of the most terrifying and happiest days of my life. Lots are related to travel; 3, 4 ,7 , 9, 11, 19, 20, 24, 37, 38, etc. What can I say, I love to travel and there is so much of the world that I want to see and show Fiona and Lincoln. Some are to feed my love for adventure and to satisfy my need for adrenaline; dive with great whites, zip line, snow mobile, bridge jump, go zorbing, or drive a race car.  Some were things to get me moving again, some to encourage my love of cooking and baking (I remember seeing my midwife for a 6 week post checkup. And she asked if I had started cooking again. She new I loved it and we had traded recipes. And I thought to myself; cook? I’ve barely eaten. I love to feed people, and make cute adorable food, but at that moment I felt that I couldn’t feed  anyone because I had nothing in me to give. Food is a way to express love, its a way to come together and I didn’t have that in me. But I knew I would need to find it again).

So 5 years ago I came up with my list. It was a list designed not to be crossed off right away. Some of these things will take a life time. But I hope one day to look at this list (and it has evolved a little, some things were no longer available and so I had to change them) and realize that it has brought me adventures and experiences. Every year one of my friends (I refer to her as my adventure buddy) would do something fun for our birthdays (they are less then a month apart, so we would celebrate together); surf with dolphins, sky dive, take a trapeze class. Some of those things we might not have done without this list. After we each had kids it was harder to do our adventurous birthday celebrations, but I still try to cross something off my list for my birthday. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday every year, than with a life experience.

Since writing it I have crossed off nearly a third. I love the moment when something else gets crossed off, and I have been able to do it 31 times already. But that still leaves 69 adventures still to be had.

The List

1. Cage dive with Great whites
2. Go on a Safari
3. Visit all 50 states (I’m up to 12)
4. Visit all 7 Continents (I’m up to 4, all I have left is Asia, South America and Antarctica)
5. Stay in an underwater hotel
6. Dive the great barrier reef
7. Visit Niagra falls
8. Go wine tasting  at multiple wineries in a day
9. Go to Greece
10. See a broadway play
11. Eat a fresh baguette while strolling down a street in France
12. Make bread from scratch
13. Learn to make truffles
14. See Eddie Izzard Live
15. Host a cocktail party – wear people dress up
16. Listen to the sweet sound of my baby crying, and know that it means everything is okay
17. Ride a zip line through a canopy
18. Bake cookies with my kid
19. See a glacier
20. Visit the pyramids – in Egypt
21. Take a road trip with my girl friends
22. Go on a century bike ride
23. Run a half marathon
24. Go berry picking and make a pie
25. Live in another state
26. Eat fresh coconut
27. Do a color run
28. Make cheese
29. Hike to the bottom of the grand canyon
30. See the Pope
31. Ride on a snow mobile
32. Play in the mud during a rain storm
33. Go to the louvre
34. Experience the Beach for the first time with my child
35. Sail on a sail boat
36. Bake a soufflé
37. Visit Mt. Rushmore
38. Ride in a Gondola in Venice
39. Jump off a bridge
40. Learn to pilot a plane
41. Ride in a hot air balloon
42. Get my Bachelors degree
43. See the changing colors of Autumn leaves
44. Jet ski
45. Have a snowball fight (that involves more then one other person)
46. Do two pull ups
47. Take a ballet class
48. Give a toast
49. Visit the underwater sculpture gallery
50. Spend an afternoon laying in a hammock
51. Star gaze with my kid someday
52. Watch a meteor shower in the desert
53. Celebrate a quarter of a century with Mark
54. See the Taj Mahal
55. Make a glass bowl/plate interesting enough that someone would actually want to buy it
56. Try spelunking
57. Christmas shop in Europe
58. Catch a firefly
59. Go on a tour of Washington DC, and see the White House
60. Watch the sunrise while on vacation
61. Have high tea
62. Listen to a whale sing
63. Have a picnic in Yellowstone National Park
64. Sip a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans
65. Stay at a Tuscan Villa and sip wine on the veranda
66. Find fulfillment in my work
67. Participate in a coastal clean-up, or other clean up project
68. Master crow to headstand back to crow
69. Try my fortune at a Japanese Temple
70. Do a Panic Room experience
71. Snowshoe
72. Eat roasted chestnuts from a street vendor
73. Go to the tofu festival in LA (or any where else that they have one)
74. Fly on a trapeze
75. Stop at cheesy roadside attractions
76. Go to Vegas, just to get it over with
77. Go to Ellis Island and see the statue of liberty
78. Walk along part of the great wall of china
79. Visit the yet-to-be-made Harry Potter theme park
80. Go to a world fair
81. Ride down a sand dune
82. Eat dinner out of a vending machine in Japan
83. Listen to the waves play the sea organ on the coast of Croatia
84. Fly somewhere just to eat dinner
85. Drive a scooter
86. Sell 50 aprons/nightlights (this of course means I need to make 50 aprons or nightlights)
87. Go on a vacation with friends
88. Play a round of golf (my grandfather and father were semi pro, I can at least try it)
89. Eat Garlic ice cream
90. Create a photo album of my adventures
91. Start a kitchen compost
92. Sew curtains
93. Learn to identify the constellations
94. Go zorbing and roll down a hill inside a giant plastic ball
95. ?
96. Visit the Moai statues of Easter Island
97. Fly first class
98. See the monarchs at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz
99. Make nougat 
100. Add Penelope to my tattoo


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