The Evans

January 30, 2013

I did one last portrait session right before Christmas. They were going to be for New Year’s / we re expecting a baby announcement cards. The first time we met it was dusk on a very windy day. Lots of things went wrong; we were running late, there was traffic, light was fading fast, clouds were rolling in and the wind was picking up.


But we were still able to squeeze in a few shots before I lost light completely. Their adorable 9 year old son is really excited to be retiring his only child status. The video they made of telling him, is seriously adorable. I don’t think I have ever seen a kid so excited to become a  big brother.


We tried to find some places out of the wind, yes we did hide behind a tree. It was either hid or battle hair and dresses (well really just the one dress) being blown everywhere.


We decided to reshoot a few days later once the weather was calmer. They were such a fun family to hang out with and shoot. It was like a little peek inside their lives, and they are such a happy family.


This kid is one of the sweetest, well mannered kids I know. He is going to be an amazing big brother in a few months.


I think it was still technically autumn (I believe we did the shoot a day or two before winter officially started), they had a lot of fun playing in the leaves. In the parents defense, the kid totally started it.


It was nice to see a family having fun on a shoot. They probably don’t have leaf fights all the time…or ever. But they definitely had fun. Im pretty sure my children were jealous.


It was a great way to end family sessions for the year. I hope this year brings some sessions that are just as fun.


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