Oh coconuts!

January 28, 2013

One last post about our trip to Hawaii. We fit alot into those 10 days, but  mostly we played at the beach. We took full advantage of being in the tropicsl. A month later we all still have tans (well except for Mark, but he his pale british skin doesn’t tan anyway). One day the kids and I went on a hike with Papa.


Yes, we went hiking at a beach. Yes, Fiona was told “no swimming”. Yes, she did “dip her toes in”. But for once she didn’t end up soaking wet and in her panties. She hiked up her dress and only got up to her knees wet. Maybe there is hope for her.


On our hike we found a baby coconut (and by “on our hike” I mean we saw it on ground while driving out of the parking lot and pulled over. But I totally told Fiona that Papa climber a tree for it). Coconuts were another thing that Fiona was obsessed about (thanks, Jake and the Neverland pirates. I swear my kids don’t watch THAT much tv! She just has a crazy memory, and likes to associate things). So we took the coconut back to my parents and Papa cut it open. Fiona bravely tried the coconut milk, but didn’t like it. Papa, Lincoln and I shared the coconut meat. Trying fresh coconut, another thing checked off my life list.


Ahoy matey! We spent a couple of mornings at playgrounds so that we had a little variety, and so that we could get out of the house while daddy worked. We went to one playground that had a giant wooden boat and a wooden train. it also had 2 1/2 stories tall wooden castle. It was awesome and the kids loved it.


More beach time! Did I mention that we spent alot of time at the beach? I think these photos are actually from our trip around the island. We stopped at black sand beach. Which you guessed it, has black sand. We stopped so the kids could stretch their legs and run around a little before beginning the journey back to Grandma and Papa’s house.


The best (in my children’s opinion) part of the beach was that there was also a fresh water pond that had ducks! Fiona got to feed all kinds of birds while we were on the trip; ducks, chickens, even a parrot. Lincoln wanted to do it to. I foresee lots of doing things just because the other one is doing it. Lincoln’s bread pieces never went very far, but he sure did find it funny.


On one of our last days there, we went shopping and got souvenirs and presents for our friends, house sitter, and Fiona’s teacher and classmates. While we were out Grandma bought Fiona a Haku (a head wreath) to match the leis she got her. She was so excited about that she wore it the rest of the time we were shopping.


So that Lincoln wouldn’t be left out we searched everywhere for a grass lei but we had no luck finding one. I ended up buying him a Kukuinut Haku, which was the perfect size for a baby lei. He got tons of compliments on it, and was very proud of it. He quickly figured out how to take it on and off. As a side benefit it makes an excellent teething necklace. Which works great with his incisors coming in.


The kids had a fabulous time in Hawaii, and it will be a trip that will be talked about for a long time (at least by Fiona, Lincoln not so much). Since Fiona was gone from school for 3 weeks, I bought goodies for her classmates. When she went back to school, she went with a photo album (woot, 120 photos, printed, and put in an album – that we bought in Hawaii – 3 days after returning home. I was rather proud of myself for that), her vacation jar, Hawaiian animal crackers, and a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts (in the pink flower box) for her teachers. I miraculously had very little work to do, so for once I got a vacation. The Heaps went to Hawaii and made some fabulous memories.


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