The Heaps find Dolphins

January 23, 2013

For a change of pace, we decided to head out on the water instead of just the edge of it. My parents have a boat so we decided to go in search of whales and dolphins. And we found them! Well, dolphins anyway.


Lincoln loved the boat, Fiona takes after her daddy and has a sensitive stomach so she wasn’t as enamored with it. But even she got excited about the dolphins. Lincoln and I set at the front of the boat and he kept pointing (one of the things he does very well) the way so Papa could follow the dolphins. At one point papa thought that he could hear the dolphins whistling and squeaking, but it was actually Lincoln squealing with delight.


After following the dolphins around for awhile we found a calm cove to eat lunch and do some snorkling.  Lincoln was even less excited about the prospect of swimming in the ocean then he was about playing in the sand. I handed him over the side of the boat to Papa and he cried until we brought him back in the nice dry boat. Both of the kids loved it when Papa played peek-a-boo by swimming under the boat.


Lincoln happily sat in the captains chair and pretended to drive the boat while the rest of us (excluding grandma) were in the water. It was dry, there was a giant steering wheel. What more could a little boy ask for?

Fiona inched her way in to the water and swam a little bit. She was very proud of herself for doing so. There was some whining involved, after all the water was cold and deep. Bust she eventually made it in. And she was very intrigued with all of us wearing masks and snorkles. Which did lead her to want to try it too…from a safety of a beach.


Lincoln was not the only one who liked to pretend to be captain, but Fiona didn’t have to pretend. Papa let Fiona actually drive the boat. Look at the joy on her face. She loved being able to drive the boat. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she is 16.


After driving part way back to the harbor, she scooted over and Papa drove us the rest of the way in. But she still loved every moment of it. So different then the grumbly boat ride out. It takes her awhile to adjust to new situations, give her enough time to settle in and get used to a new activity and most of the time she will love it.


While Fiona laughed and enjoyed the ride, Lincoln was lulled gently to sleep. He snuggled up in his daddy’s arms and dozed while we came into the harbor.


I rarely post photos that I didn’t take, but I figure a couple family photos should be an exception. See look, I was there too! Im rarely in photos, Im normally taking them. I think it is so important to be in them as well. I want my children to have more then just great photos of their childhood, I want them to be able to look back and see that mommy and daddy were there experiencing it with them.


Fiona may have whined while we were on the boat, but she still talks about how we got to see dolphins in Hawaii on grandma and papa’s boat. I swear she was having a good time, even though she looks less then thrilled in the photo. She didn’t want to leave the captains chair for a family photo.

We headed into the harbor to drop off the kids and then Mark, my dad and I got to go out on a dive! I searched for shells to bring back for the kids (and then made little vacation jars for them with sand from the beach we went to, shells they found, and ones I found while diving). It was so nice to go diving again, even though I was freezing at the end of it. Must remember to wear a warmer wetsuit next time.


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