More Beach Time

January 21, 2013

The first beach we went to was a great snorkeling beach, so that Fiona could (hopefully) see some turtles and fish. She had been talking non stop about seeing turtles, thanks to the Octonauts. Sandy the leather back sea turtle is friends with one of the Octonauts and has made several appearances on the show. Fiona loves the Sandy episodes so she was thrilled with the idea of seeing a real sea turtle. We got lucky and she did see one the first day. So the next few days we went to a more kid friendly beach.


And by kid friendly I mean less rocks and more sand, so as you can see Lincoln was not impressed with the new beach. There was sand everywhere, the horror!  The first day we went by in the morning for the kids to play in the sand. Mark, my Dad and I were going zip lining in Kohala in the afternoon so weren’t going to spend too much time at the beach. But we figured Lincoln needed some more time to get used to it.


Fiona however needed no time and got right to playing. Digging in the sand, making sand castles, and hunting for shells. But she was informed when we got there that there would be NO swimming, that I didn’t even bring her swim suit. She did ask if she could “dip her toes in”. I should have said no, because every time she uses that phrase she ends up waist deep in what ever water she was going to dip her toes into. So really it was no surprise that Fiona ended up like this:


While Fiona played, Lincoln wanted nothing to do with the whole sand nonsense and got papa to hold him.


Lincoln felt this was an acceptable way to “dip his toes”, by being in papa’s arms and having papa get his feet wet (papa’s not Lincolns).


We went back to that same beach at least half a dozen times. And eventually Lincoln got used to the sand and even (gasp) played in it!


He even went in the water, voluntarily! See proof that he did at some point get in the water. Fiona on the other hand was in that water every chance she got.


Ladybug Girl made a reappearance while we were in Hawaii. Fiona hasn’t been Ladybug Girl in awhile, she has other favorite books that we read, she hasn’t forgotten Ladybug Girl, but the wings have been hung up for awhile. But for some reason Ladybug Girl came back while we were in Hawaii and has since made regular appearances.


So long story short, we saw lots of rescuing buckets from waves and jumping the waves, because she isn’t too little she is Ladybug Girl! She loved rescuing her bucket and shells, but I didn’t want anyone to think she was actually in trouble. So instead of calling for help, she would yell “purple!”. Im sure other people there thought she was nuts.


Lincoln was happiest sitting on the sand digging or driving his truck. Grandma normally came with us to the beach so that Lincoln could sit on the beach and stay nice and dry.


We went out on my parents boat (separate post on that coming), and the adults did a little snorkling. Fiona was intrigued and the next day asked if she could try “sparkling”. I fully approve of this sort of behavior so I called around and found a place that rented kids snorkling gear. Did I really expect my 3 year old to go snorkling? No. But if she wants to try it, I am going to let her and try to nurture that adventurous side. She loved the fins and had a blast attempting to walk around in them. I put on my fins and we flapped our fins up and down the beach.


She was not so keen on putting the mask on and sticking her face in the water. She did it once, and I was immensely proud of her for doing it. Considering she doesn’t even like to stick her face in the water in swim class. I’m sure she will learn to love it, after all she is part Ewing. And for a 3 year old she did great. Ladybug Girl is not too little! She can help the fish swim around a rock, and rescue her bucket from the waves.


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