The Heaps go to Hawaii

January 17, 2013

Event season has already started for the year, and I leave for my first trip in two weeks; Vancouver, Canada! I’ve been knee deep in powerpoint presentations for weeks, and have a serious backlog of photos. A baby shower, a family session, and Hawaii! Since its the middle of winter and pretty much cold everywhere I think I will start with the Hawaii trip and remember the fabulous sun drenched days at the beach.


We landed in the morning, so we headed to the beach the first day. No point in wasting valuable vacation time! To put it mildly; Lincoln was not impressed with the beach. I thought that he would love it since he loves swim class. But I was wrong. Swim class does not have sand, and sand is dirty. He would touch the ground then look at his hands and cry. And look at that sweet face, he wasn’t a fan of the water either.


He eventually tolerated going in, but I definitely would not use the word like. The water is fairly cold. When you think Hawaii you think gorgeous tropical beaches and warm water. Which is a lie. Some of the beaches are fabulous, many more are mostly rocks. And as for warm water… I guess compared to say the water off the coast of Alaska then yes the water in Hawaii is warm. But it is definitely not the gulf! It takes a little getting used to and then its not so bad. But I froze my tushie off when we went diving.

Fiona on the other hand loved the beach. She was also a little leery of the the ocean and the waves but she was much more willing to go in.


My dad borrowed a boogie board with a viewing window in it for Fiona. She had a blast being pulled around; preferably in about a foot of water. She did not like it when a wave came along and knocked her off. She did “swim” out with daddy. And by swim I mean clung to her daddy like a monkey as he walked out to about chest deep water. But she did get to see a turtle.


She had way more fun digging in the sand, and burying Daddy and Papa. She unlike Lincoln liked the sand and spent a good amount of time digging in it and building sand castles.


We even brought home a little bit to make little vacation jars; filled with sand and shells that she helped me collect (and some that I brought up from our dives to show her). She loved taking her jar to school and showing it to all of her friends.


Bye-bye Lincoln. Lincoln was quite happy to go join Grandma on the benches (up out of the sand) to snuggle and eat snacks. Away from the cold water and pesky sand.


Fiona kept playing until we dragged her away with the promise of food, and the promise that we would be back the next day.


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